I was at the river and it was already dusk wanted to try my hand in fishing, my fishing I already had in the water and hoped that something bites. Unfortunately, I do not have a fishing license and then there was already the water attendant behind me and wants to see your fishing license, of course I had nothing. Then he wanted my personal details and threatened with ad for poaching. Damn, then I flattered Him and made Him an offer. And although I could take care of his tail and of course he bit on. That's men. hehe

Was will visiting a girlfriend by car when I was stopped by the police. Then he wanted my driver's license and vehicle papers, damn my wallet forgotten. He then says that this gives a warning. I said then if I'm very nice to him if we can forget that then. Then he look on my boobs and has taken on it. Then let him get in and look care of his cock. Only i blown him hard, then only with the tits and then fucked with my hot pussy. hot

Yesterday was with my neighbor over there and had as a topic tails of our men. As she tells me, she does not understand why her son has such a big cock because her husband only has such a small cock. That made me horny right away, but I did not let it show. The next day I called my neighbor and asked if her son could help me with something heavy. A short time later he came and he asked in what he should help me, then I told him only that his mother has told he has such a huge cock and I want to fuck him, then I did not ask if he wants but I threw him on the bed and grabbed me greedy the big cock. Yes, and his mother was right. hot.

Several years have passed and I had a class reunion. Since the horny boy from school comes to my mind, he was not up for it, let's see how it looks today. He had not recognized me at all, he said I was so inconspicuous. But now it looks different now he wanted me. Then took him home and was already hot on the guy then. Now I have taken what I wanted then, he has a thick cock which is cool, he was something fast, we have to repeat.

As an employee in the quality control of a car manufacturer, I came to an exhaust scandal , my supervisor said that this scandal of the company would cost millions and nothing may come to the public, but I have a guilty conscience, I'm the boss Home driven to understand him that I would not cover up the scandal without a hush, but he wanted to fuck me, which was clear to me. Was really surprised what the boss in the pants had :)

I'm just lying on my terrace as the neighbor's boy comes over, and before he says what he really wants, he says that because my nipple looks out of my dress, first thought it should be an allusion and that's why I got into it fully and wanted to look how he reacted and what has become of it, he has my big tits then fucked the lout.

My best friend was with me for a visit, then I just went to buy cigarettes and when I came back, if he wipes me there, my best friend as he sniffs at my closet on the panties. Asked him what that should and he just stammered that he is in love with me and wanted to know how I smell, well he can have him throw him on the bed and told him to take off my panties, then he could sniff and me nicely my pussy lick before he was allowed to fuck me. Real brazen. Guys!

My dishwasher was the flap broken, it always fell directly when opening. Since I called the customer service have sent me a really brazen guys. After he changed some of the tapes he wanted to break, he said that he is done now and has half an hour left until the next customer appointment and asks me if we do not want to fuck her anymore meant that it was pretty cheeky to ask something like that. he just said we are both alone and he could try it. That's really cool when a guy appeals to you so directly and cool it made me, so I let him fuck me and he sprayed me all his sperm in the pussy. hot....

From time to time I cut the hair on some to supplement my pocket money and today someone came again. I cut his hair nicely and shaved his eyebrows. Whenever I leaned in front of him, he always looked into my neckline. When I spoke to him, he just said where else should he look. And in his pants, I've already seen that presses his cock against his pants. This one has already turned on and because he was sitting there also upper body free, my cape had forgotten. When I was done I asked him above he has a girlfriend, which I did not really care. It did not take long then we fucked and he sprayed me a whole sperm in me. rrrr

Really naughty my girlfriend was with her little brother with me, she said she wants to tell me a secret and says to me her brother has a mini cock I would have to see absolutely and has made me really curious so something small you probably do not see often haha. Anyway, she is gone then to her brother and said that I knew a secret from him, he meant only what. Did he then told me that he has such a mini penis and if he would show me this. He said when I show him my big boobs and something would already work. Ok, I said. Then he undressed and I found so small he was not at all but has a normal size, but I did not say that and have played the game that he has a mini tail. I then held to the deal and let me fuck until he sprayed me his sperm in the pussy. Faith the little brother has fooled me and so threaded. Naughty !!