A friend of mine has some problems concerning the topic of women. He does not really know how to do that and so slowly he becomes more and more insecure. Of course, as a good friend, I have given him professional advice. Well, the advice was already very close to reality and I hope he can do it now. After all, nothing bad at all and nothing can normally happen. What do you think about that? Would you use that as an alternative?

Exactly such sex situations make me extremely horny and wet! When I feel like he touches my pussy with his hard cock and I can look into the faces of the passing people. The moment when he slowly penetrates into me and I almost burst with lust - but I do not want to show anything. I love such forbidden adventures! The next time I would like to have a second cock. Would you join?

In the beginning he was already extremely nervous. No wonder - it was our first date on the Fremdgeh-App and we were both not alone there. But that only made me hornier. From all sides you could watch us and see how I took off my white panties. As his cock then slowly penetrated into my tight pussy, I immediately felt how his nervousness disappeared and his cock was extremely hard and thick. Would you have risked that too?

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It just makes me extremely horny! Why? I can not tell you that. When I saw this by chance in a pornography, I immediately knew that I really wanted to show it to you. In any case, I'm sure that you find the result very cool. And if that's not your fetish, then I have another surprise regarding the view. I have never made a recommendation for a video but this one will give you a whole new look at me: D

Hmm, I'm thinking all the time whether I would have responded in another answer to my question as synonymous? He was extremely modest and I liked that pretty much. What makes me even hornier, however, is the feeling of being watched by the other neighbors all the time. Well, that I have heard the guy often during sex with his wife, was certainly also a reason for it. Should I tell his wife how diligently he helped me?

Oh man! As a professional I would certainly have flown out of the team: D - Sex with a spectator, directly in front of the competition and also outside the door. Haha, luckily I'm not a pro. This whole situation has just made me so extremely horny. Half naked girls stood around everywhere and I could feel the looks of the guys on my body. I actually walked around the hall for an hour, looking for it before finding a suitable guy. As I slowly put his hard cock in my tight pussy, I was definitely sure that it was the right one. The best, however, was the lucky charm he gave me. Would you have given me such a ???

Imagine we meet at the hotel in Stuttgart. We are both invited to the same meeting and sit 10 minutes before the appointment in the beer garden. Being as stupid as I am, I speak to you unfiltered on a small, dirty adventure. I give you exactly 10 minutes to fuck me right before the appointment! I want to have your sperm in me and on me and then in the appointment to think of how I have swallowed your sperm. Would you come along?

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