Little Bitch! No one believes that this was not planned. Imagine that you are with your girls best friend home alone. When you meet in the kitchen, everything is as usual. You talk briefly trivial things and then say goodbye to learn in the living room. Not 5 minutes later you hear a sudden rough sex noises! You would not believe what this little bitch suddenly does in your living room! How would you have reacted?

Imagine that a friend told you about a secret fuck meeting. You think immediately of a parking lot or similar. Instead you get from him an address with the note: "Get in there from 7 o'clock in the evening, undress and go directly into the sauna!" He gives you the address of the house and wish you only a horny sweating;) You do not know what to expect, and especially whoever. Would you try it?

Incredible! This small, lousy banker! You knew all along that she was superior to him. Even before he entered her office, the matter was already over. Imagine you sit opposite your hot but unapproachable banker. She flips through your mediocre financial condition and gives you clearly the feeling to be in a hopeless situation. Suddenly want to make a deal, which is much more likely to describe with the words blackmail or coercion. Will you accept?

Oh my God!!! You can not imagine what just happened to me. My boss and I stopped briefly in this parking lot - mind you in broad daylight. I just had to pee and he waited in the car. When I came back to the car, I could not believe my eyes. He was actually in the driving seat and played with his tail . When I opened the door, it was so incredibly embarrassing. Can you imagine, what happened then in this parking lot???

I would not have suspected that he reacts like that. He was almost in panic. Sure, if I were Anna, then I would certainly find as little funny. But I am fortunately not Anna and the moment when he told me about the ban, it was even more interesting. The deal was almost the logical consequence and I can not help it really. Well, that at the end degenerates so, I had not even thought of. Because I know that Anna anal do not like that could be an even bigger problem. Would you have accepted the deal ???

Do you know the desire for forbidden things? There is hardly anything that turns me on comparable. Recently anna, the girl friend of my roommate visited me. I knew that Alex was in the bathroom and Anna in the kitchen. For me the best opportunity for doing spontaneously something forbidden. Oh man, can you imagine how horny it made me that Anna meanwhile knocked on the door?

You can not imagine what happend to me recently. There was a note on my bed when I came into my room. There were lacquer things all around. The message on the piece of paper was like: It is a present an I'll be at home by 2 o'clock. That could only be Alex. Oh man, alone the thought of later made me almost crazy. I was in the dress at 2 o'clock and than I was really shocked! It was not Alex who wrote this notice! Oh my god, it was my stephfather. The next minutes I was really paralized! Can you imagine what happened than?

Imagine, you come into the room and 2 meters in front of you is this hot and needy blonde girl. You look at her high heels, her hot legs, covered in tight black shimmering leggings, and her bulging ass, which cuts its way directly into the pleasure center of your brain. When you look in her deep blue eyes and listen to her dirty fantasies, you slowly realize what will happen to you next. And all is only preparation for the ultimate assfuck position! Can you even last it without cumming?