Do you know that, if you just want to play and you're right in the middle of it and suddenly someone bothers you? Yes, I do not really like that either, but this time it was my best friend, who has been fiddling around with his camera all the time. I'm a bit embarrassed, but I want to show him that I'm ready for more and so, grinning, I propose the place that comes to my mind first. He is so nice to me and finally persuades me first my bra and then even take off my panties completely. Later he has told me that he has previously seen my first sex video ^ ^. I never thought that I dare to do all this here and that's mainly because of you. You are all so nice to me and encourage me so much, thank you, that's really great ????

Hallöchen Popöchen !!! I have such a low back and desperately need a massage. Luckily, I recently met an old friend who is now a physiotherapist. How convenient! And he did a great job in the time we did not see each other. Without any ulterior motive (as can be seen on my underwear;)) I invite him to me. Sweet-sweet, I ask him to massage my back. His hands on my skin feel sooo good! The deeper he massages, the better I like it. When he finally arrives at my asshole, it increases my desire in the immeasurable and I can not help but fuck with him!

Today it's finally time, I have my first date in Hamburg. I was very excited, especially because I already told him what I recently started doing here. We meet in the city and he is sympathetic to me, which makes my nervousness sink a bit. But when the question "to me or to you?" Comes from him, I'm really excited. Shy, I say "to me" and make sure. He grins at me and we drive in his car to my little apartment. Once there, I do not really know what to do. Finally, he takes the helm, takes the camera and off you go. In the end, I'm a little scared for a moment, I know that's what you do, but that was my first time: D

Oh FUCK !! I had no idea what happened in the following 20 minutes, BUT in the after I really had to laugh! But during that it was super embarrassing and tastier !!! That's really never happened to me !! I drove out with a buddy just out of the city and he was already staring at me anyway a lot on the breasts and my stiff nipples !! Of course, I did not wear a bra ... Well, one thing came to the other .. I'm really hardened what anal sex but today was really the worm in it ... So and so .... :) I felt like his Tail and could not help but him while driving too ... ..... Oh man, oh man !!!!!!!!!

I've made an appointment with my date from the last time for today and I'm determined today to go all out. I'm terribly excited, this will be my first sex for a long time and I do not want to do anything wrong ... I'm still in the middle of me looking for beautiful underwear when it suddenly rings at the door ... He is too early! Quickly I run to the bathroom and let water run into the bathtub, then to the door to let him in and tell him that I'm preparing a bath, just for him hehe. While he makes himself comfortable in the tub, I search out my underwear, try this and that until I find the perfect. When I'm done I sit down on the couch and call him to me, a little puzzled, he comes out of the bathroom. The look he gives me, I realize that I have probably decided for the right wash ^^. But it does not stay long and the last covers fall quickly. Although I ask him to be very careful, he takes me pretty hard, which also hurts a bit, but somehow I also like to be used a bit hihi. Would you have gone right there?

Oh God, what should I wear? Immediately I meet with my blind date, which has arranged my girlfriend for me. Oh dear ... I'm so excited, I've never had a blind date. Before I meet with the mysterious unknown, but some preparations must be made, hihii. I walk to the nearest drugstore and buy condoms, how embarrassing ... a little ashamed, I quickly leave the store. I tidy up my apartment and put the condoms in the closet next to my bed, put in the keys and run. We want to meet in my favorite Park Park. Every step I take, every step that brings me closer to the park is harder for me. I'm so nervous ... oh god, I can already see him sitting on the bench waiting for me. It feels like my first time ... but it's really going to be a first time for me so I really did not expect that ...

I've dare right now: D Uff that has cost me quite a bit of overcoming but yes, now I like it more and more ... And the more often I turn something here for you and we see ourselves in front of the action, the more confidence I have to show you great things here. I am extremely looking forward to the NEXT: D And now it is better regulated with the lighting ^^ Man I'm always so excited what you think about it :)

I feel like playing ... it's Saturday night and we're sitting together at my home. But I do not want to spend the whole evening in front of the TV, hihii. I would much like to play a fun game together. So why not a round of "Truth or Dare?". No, that would be too boring even for me ... but there are many ways to make the game a little more exciting. So how about a FSK18 variant? That will be fun, hihii. I'm looking for a suitable application and the fun can start right away! But who could have expected that this supposed game would escalate ... Oh God, what's going on here ... now Kamasutra too? I have never done anything like that ...

We mess around and undress. Then we start to treat each other orally. We fuck each other and try out a great new position. After her orgasm, she gets the cum from the other side on her forehead waxed, the sperm can run down the face and devouring it relish. In front of the mirror, she then swallows the rest and makes herself clean. Have fun watching! :)