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It was my absolutely 1st time & I had heard of it before ... but I wondered what if ??? The long back and forth doubted me but then did not stop it easy to try :) finally wanted to know how it feels .. is the normal as me that .. can describe this horny incredible feeling hardly ... I can But you already say so much it was incredibly cool and I will definitely repeat it *

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I have to say that was really KRASS. Actually, I was on the way to a guy but on the way there we had argued on the phone. Suddenly a car stopped next to me and asked if I was new on the street. Please, what, where am I ??? At first I was a bit shocked but after a short thought it was just right. My date had just burst, so I made him the offer that I would do it to others. I already realized I should go there more often. Well, would you have taken me ???

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