The rules were actually simple: If I win a round of cards he goes shopping with me at his expense, I lose poppen we. How else could it be? I lost! But the grief was short-lived, he has fucked me so hard that I had my violent orgasm until now. It was really awesome, the sex was almost too short ;-) I have this time really dropped all inhibitions and I'm surprised myself! But see for yourself .... Kussi Lina

I recently met a guy who is really cute and I do not want to do anything wrong or embarrass myself .... I need someone to practice. There is only one, the friend of my roommate. Was that too bold to ask him ??? I was so incredibly excited ... I had no choice and had to take the opportunity that she is not there. And besides, there's nothing wrong with it, right? He was a really good teacher and showed me how to use my little hands on a real cock. It was also really fun to massage his big cock with both hands, follow his instructions and knead his big balls. I feel much safer and can not wait to try it on my new guy.

I have often had the fantasy to be taken on one of the bar stools from behind. Now I've just provoked it by pulling my leggings down, pulled out my butt and waited until he finally puts his cock in me. An incredibly intense feeling! In the position he can penetrate very deep into me, so I can hardly wait until he comes in me. He also obviously liked it a lot, because all of a sudden I felt his cock pulsing and squirting. At least since I could no longer hide my lust moans :-P

How funny was that ??? Somehow, my girlfriend was just there when I had sex .... I phone her and chill while very comfortable in underwear on the sofa. We are actually planning our girls' weekend. But there comes a stubborn cock in between. Without knocking, he dances in my face. I try to scare him away, but he's getting closer to my face. According to experience, he only stops bothering when I take him in the mouth. Okay, then just like that ... But that does not stop me from continuing to chat with my girlfriend. If she knew !!! : D I'll go on with it a little bit and sit down on it, because I've got the mood now. At some point the phone call becomes too bumpy and I ask my friend if I can call her back later. Now I need both hands to "hang laundry" ...

I have something to tell you, I have a midterm exam now and I have to admit that I'd rather spend my time doing things other than learning, so I had an idea! I took a tutor and we got together fairly quickly. You can certainly imagine that as an apprentice you do not have that much money. So we made a deal: he's learning with me for the upcoming exam and he's allowed to have some fun * smile * ......... but look at yourself. Have fun ... .Kisses your Lina

What a nice surprise! As one gets caressed in the morning just over the back and the buttocks massaged and already the ceiling is completely gone. Since someone wants more? ;-) Well then you like to start the day! Of course, I'll join immediately and can hardly wait until he finally puts his cock in me. Towards the end I was wide awake and full of desire, so I wanted to ride him to come. It did not take long until I got my creampie. After that I could totally turn around and relax a bit further. Have I earned it, right? :-P

How awesome was that? Will I come to my room, there he is again, my perverted stepbrother and what is he doing there? Is wanking! I was already unsure, because I know that he wants to impregnate me. But I was also super hot. You can suck sometimes and then I'll ride me to a hot orgasm. Mega! And then he fucked me so right. Just injects me in the pussy and then immediately in the little butt. So sow! But then there is the same whole cream in the mouth - I had to suck everything clean again. Wow, imagine I'm pregnant, can you picture Jenny pregnant?

Woahhhhh that was a completely NEW EXPERIENCE for me ... actually started the day quite normal but then the last hours fell out and I used to be home as usual ... my parents were not there and I thought about what you are doing now and then it rang and the messenger had a package for me in it was then one of the toys I ordered ... of course I was directly curious and had to try it out. Said done .... madness it was really an extremely horny experience I'm curious what the pending packages will bring me a surprise: D Slowly I thaw more and more ..... !!!!! EXTREME GEIL!