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Can I seduce him? Good question, he used to tell me how much he likes to play the guitar, I used that as an excuse, maybe he could teach me something about it. Na cheek as I am now, that was just an excuse, I wanted with him, or I thought, he will be an easy prey for me. And what can I say, it worked, quickly he took his guitar out of his hand and dealt with me, so I had planned it so it happened, after a short blowjob, I already had his cock in me, I love it when my plan works.

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Hello to you all, since Sunday is the first Advent, I had an idea. I thought about hiring a hobby photographer to take some nice pictures for you. He also had time immediately and came to my house. Just when I came out of the shower it was already ringing and I opened the door, where he was already in front of me. He had a package in his hand and said, "It was on the stairs, I thought I'd take it upstairs." I thanked and our photo shoot could begin. Believe me, I really enjoyed it and I was extremely curious about the pictures. Meanwhile, he was looking at the pictures, I packed my package because even there I was curious ...... well and then I came up with a spontaneous idea! Betrayed, I do not do that to you now, that you can look at yourself. ???? The only pity was that I could have continued much longer ...... but my amateur photographer had unfortunately already pressed the "trigger" * smile * Have fun ....... Kiss your Lina

Who knows me knows, I am shy and discover here piece by piece a new world. I always challenge myself. But this - I just did not expect that EVER EVER happens EVER. I just wanted to meet with a friend who gives me some tips for video-shooting. And I'm already on the action. WITH A WOMAN. The recording is running ... and I'm running out. Krass !!!

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