I was excited ... I've never really done anything like that! MY FIRST EVER JEANSPISS !!! My bladder was so mega-pressed and I also drank a lot for you before! Suddenly I could not hold my tenny piss anymore and quickly my jeans were wet! Upsss how awesome it felt to have the warm piss ... the warm piss on my legs ... as it has run down every precious drop in the tub landed .. I would have preferred to suck the piss with my mouth you little perverted bastard .. do you stand on small young teen carnations ???

Oh man, it can only happen to me. I have invited a horny user and it was synonymous with no long BlaBla to the point .... First he stuffs his fat cock deep into my tight whore mouth and leaves me mercilessly deepthoaten and then he fucks suddenly BLANK my wet pussy. Actually he should take a condom, but we were both so horny that we did not think about it. Could no one suspect that it comes to this accident. He could not control his lust and injected me unintentionally his sperm deep into my pussy. Such a idiot, I'm not taking a pill ... Am I pregnant now ?!

Actually, I just wanted to get ready for the cam when it rings. My neighbor again. I did not expect to see him back so quickly after the last time, but apparently it was just fine, so that it paid off despite his subsequent climbing and trouble with his wife. Actually, I've got a pretty bad feeling there, I just heard her, so she's at home ... An apartment next to mine, the only thing that separates us is a thin wall ... But so close to the action, I have to confess, I have but also pretty much looking for more and exciting it is definitely! So I let him in, look him in the eye and whisper: "Well, you liked the blowjob? Do you want more today? "

Just spray everything into me, that's what I want today, hihii. My new camera has to be tested out properly ... I'm already so busy the whole day. So I grabbed my cell phone and made a meeting in an hour. Fix I jump into the shower and put on my skirt and a tshirt. Underwear? Hmm, no, it just bothers me, hihi. Excitedly I sit on the couch and wait ... but I can not leave my fingers off of myself now. All the while, one finger after the other slides carefully under my skirt. There it rings at once, I rush to the door and am still a little embarrassed, hihii ... we go back to the couch, not even five minutes I could wait ... woaw that was really worth it!

If you did not know it yet, I live in a shared flat and my roommate knows, much to his delight now also what I do. He has a very normal job and comes home in the afternoon, but today he seems to have changed his mind and comes spontaneously past his lunch break. I'm really surprised and ask: "Hey, what are you doing here? Do you have lunch break? Do you want to spend it with me? "He grins and I think I know what brought him here so early. For days he behaves weird, apparently he has finally managed to scrape all his courage and wonder if we could maybe fuck, which is really funny, because he usually has a pretty big mouth, now so embarrassed and meek to see is really cute and I can not resist;)

The day could not have been better and the evening did not end! I met again with my sweet friend Lou. But somehow I was particularly cool that day. Even when I picked her up from the train station it tingled with me everywhere and I had to kiss her immediately on the spot and touch her. At home we let our desire run wild. With oil, stroking, kissing, licking, wet orgasms and much more ... watch us we let 100% of our lust and passion run wild until we explode together in a dreamlike position ...