Well that was not the plan, actually I wanted to ride really nice. Only he came after a short 3 minutes already. The whole thing just in me. And what about me now ??? I am glad that I have already fueled so much self-confidence that I then just grab my dildo and get me what he could not give me. Well, would you have come after such a short time ??

Do you know what is today for a day? No? Well today is the day when I take off my clothes for the first time in front of a camera and have SEX! Can you imagine how excited I am? For a long time I did not really dare, but today comes a good friend and helps me overcome my fear, I have inaugurated him in everything, because I already thought that he can certainly help me. While I'm preparing everything, I'm a bit queasy, but I've been feverishly looking forward to it for so long and I'm so happy, it can finally start! So down with the clothes and what can I say that it is so great I would not have expected in my first sex in front of the camera. I hope you like it, kisses

Since I was put in the cold by this idiot and a taxi is not in sight. Lucky that such a strange guy comes over and offers me his apartment to warm up ... because the guy gives me a coffee and in the same breath he starts to pull up my shirt and grope me to my tits ... strange, but somehow cool, to have his warm greedy hands on my body. Somewhat insecure, I'm sitting there now and let him do it ... as he then puts his pants to unbutton in front of my face, then my brain is also out ...

As the autumn is so slow at the door and it is soon getting colder, I enjoy the last nice days of late summer. Walking in the forest, I wanted to be as close to nature as possible. I wanted to feel once again the warmth of the sun on my bare skin and let my hair blow me gently wind. Watch me in nature drop my covers for you.