A user has written to me that he is currently in a hotel because he likes to look at the city ... After a bit of writing back and forth we noticed that it happens to be exactly on my way to drive home And since we both felt like we made ourselves something out and I went to him you see what happened after that;) Hope you like it and do not forget to rate it :)

I wish you were here with me ...
We would start to pet and kiss. First gently, but soon it gets wilder. The
kisses are more hasty, the stroking becomes more intense and hornier. You
take one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger and play with it.
That makes me so horny. You notice me lifting my pelvis up and down like a
horny cat. Your hand slides between my legs. You start to massage a
little on the panties, but quickly your hand moves into the panties. Directly
on my clean-shaven, horny and already wet cunt. Your fingers glide along
the wet column. You put her in my hot hole and finger me. I'll go greedy to
the pants and get out your horny hard Fickprügel. How cool he is already
hard. I'm starting to jerk him off, massaging your balls and blowing him.
Deeper and deeper I take your hot cock in my little Fickmaul.
You would pull down my panties and ....;)

Today I thought what is hotter than a hot cock in my ass? Right ... it would be super cool if my pussy is shaken by the way still nice! So I took my strongest and most violent vibrator egg, grabbed me the next best cock and let me rattle nice and hard. Anal Fickfest meets there quite well and my pussy has come out of the dripping no more ...