Some of you know that I was on the Reeperbahn weekend to party. I'm not there often, but when I'm there, I have to go shopping! This time I finally dared to buy me a pussy pump. Today then finally tried: A few times scheduled, pumped again and then the whole time for half an hour to "pull" ...? What came out? -> A huge, juicy, swollen meat, from the sperm at the end of Clips unhindered running out.

35 degrees and anyway the whole day wet on the body, I decided today once again to let me fuck again by my photographer! First he has it to me nicely worried in my little pussy, so you can look at my orgasm in my little fuck-face and the second round he has me his hard cock then just squeezed back into my sweet Hinterstübchen and fucked it for so long until he finally shot me the whole load on my body. Does that count as cooling? I do not think so?!

Johanna is pretty naughty if you know her better, which is why I had to punish her for it. Her ass loads my paddle and the Flogger but also formally one of them to be spanked red. Since I'm not a monster she gets every now and then but a few small caresses of me. AND: In the end, sweetluna even has my strap-on in her wet pussy ... Achso, this video is identical to that of sweetluna! Not that someone accidentally buys both. Intended to do that but like to do.

As always, you see someone. You watch someone. You make contact ... Maybe you meet and realize that it does not fit. Fortunately, that did not happen to me and sweetluna. On the contrary: we like each other! A lot. Very very very! We are probably really good friends, because she tastes pretty delicious and for her first time with a woman, she really has it!

Wooow! That it is cool, when we meet for the first time in private, we had already thought, but that it sparkles so blatantly, probably could not have guessed us! The full clip for this teaser, we will put on Sunday, but somehow we are just so horny and fascinated by the extensive Muschileckerei that we have to give you a little taste! PS: By the way, it was the very first time for sweetluna her tongue in a wet pussy and in a women's polo to push! ATTENTION !: The clip of sweetluna is exactly the same!

Almost 30 degrees and in Cuxhaven not a single 6m parking for the Chevy. So what to do? Looking for a secluded spot to do it outdoors on the '65 Impala SS itself, and in the end, make up for the driver for putting 50 liters in the ozone hole for nothing - nothing, because it was just too crowded. But so he can bump into the hole again, until I'm full of his hard injector ... as me blubbering a 5.4 liter block but turns it on!

If it claps during sex, then it's fine, but if it "flatscht" it is even better! So it just happened to me again: I was massage massaging oil really nice, until you could see me again threatening orgasm on the face ... And then? - Then the whole juice explodes several times from my slippery cunt, while he fucks me hard with his fingers! Are you looking forward to it? Then you can also look forward to a video in the split screen in which you can see my face AND my wet column at any time! (rating would be great!)

On the way in the country I found - or rather the nerd in me - an abandoned house. I just have to go in there then and see what's going on in there. This time I barely trusted my eyes when I actually saw a swing in the huge loft. True to the motto "It's enough for me, I go rocking!" So I take a completely naked place and get me two times! - One says anyway about me, that I'm a little nibble. ?? PS: Video quality is not bad, but not the best, since it was really spontaneous. Just wanted to be so fair to tell you that ...