Today I got two user presents, which I had to try out directly! Due to the hard vibrations and my legs fixed I came very hard! My oiled body has pushed the whole thing to the extreme, has really felt great! :) The next time I put the vibrator on the highest level ... let's see how fast I come then. ;) Looking forward to your comments. Kiss shaiden

Last week I was visiting Dresden. Since there is just city festival, I've made the Ferris wheel for my next video. ;) When I had to pee, the floor has gotten quite a bit ... I did not think of that in advance and had to mop it up with my shirt. : P Who has looked at my last BLOG entry, who knows what it is about. Luckily, this time, too, everything went well and nobody noticed when getting out of the gondola. I hope the person did not get a wet ass after me. Wish you a lot of fun! Shaiden

After one of my little shopping rounds I had to pee urgently! But home, I would NEVER have done it. Luckily the floor on the car park roof does it too. ;) No 10 meters away, people went and cars drove by, oh well. : D Having lost so much water I rarely believe, I'm a bit proud of that. When my bladder was empty, I put my wet panties even in the mouth! Would you like to have someone? Then please send a PN with offer haha: P wet pleasure, Shaiden

It happened! Already months ago I made out with User Lars that we will meet once. His idea was that I can also bring a second tail. Actually, I thought that this would be too much for me ... but I finally got involved in this new experience and hopefully did not do anything stupid. : P Lars was more excited than expected, but we from the north stick together! ;) And so the two guys came in the end after all - in the truest sense of the word. ;) Have fun with the video. For me it was a blatant, but also beautiful experience, which I would like to repeat! Kiss, Shaiden

Did I push it too far? In addition to all the other dressing rooms were occupied and could have heard me. But maybe it was exactly the feeling that I needed to get going. As good as I am, I finally got my daily portion of proteins. : P Some cum has gone wrong ... when we get out, just came a seller and wanted to clean the floor ... embarrassing. : D Have fun with it, Shaiden

Hello my dears, new week, new video! Today with the beautiful Amy Mabel. We got to know each other in Hamburg about a month ago and after not long deliberation, we grabbed the camera and turned on it! Was I upset? Of course, but that's nothing new! No idea if that will ever settle, it makes me hot tingling every time anyway. Kiss, fumble, lick me, here was everything and in the end Amy gave me with a crazy orgasm! Wow! That was fun ... let's see what awaits me next :) I hope you like this short but intense video! Do not forget to rate and leave both positive and 'negative' suggestions / criticisms in the comments. Oh and before I forget it: Whether I have also managed to bring the sweet mouse to the climax you see in the next few days in her profile! Well pants up and a lot of fun. Kiss, Shaiden: *

Behind the camera, I've been practicing some nice things for a long time, including Deepthroat. ;) this time I wanted to prove myself how good I am in it by now and: slips past the almonds quite well! : P to me but no more tears, I have to practice a little more ...;) diligently rate and let me leave your opinions would be great! your Shaidy: - *

In this video I go for you on my knees and give a nice blowjob. He came over my face as the crowning glory! :) My self-confidence in the whole thing here has increased enormously and I really enjoy doing something together with you. I have many other ideas & wishes, which you will get to see little by little. With your comments you always help me a lot! There is always useful advice and lots of good feedback on what motivates us. Express yourself! Shaiden

Today it was time: I spontaneously got a visit from a good friend and entrusted me that I am recently registered with MyDirtyHobby. He was so surprised and curious how I got that. Our conversation went some time and I came up with the idea, because you have often asked me for a sex video, if he would not like to share this experience with me. I was alone and it was the perfect opportunity. The result is my first, short sex clip and I'm really curious how your ratings and / or comments will turn out. I really hope that I have not disappointed you! :)