There it is - my very first nude video ever. Even as I type, I think it's blatant that I really dare this here. Incl. Close-up of pussy, I'll show you my beautiful nipples - I once told a Nippelfetischist that they should be really great;) ... Looks really great, as the dildo disappears into me again and again;) - But the most blatant I think how my little pussy twitches after I come to orgasm. OH MY GOD - what am I doing here ?! Aaaaaah .... Do you like it? (please be not too strict to me, it's my very first video ever;)) Kiss, Nicky.

That's the Germany .. I just thought I'll show you how the balls should fall and stuffed me really nice asshole and finally let the balls fall out of my ass nice. But a hole was not enough for me, of course, then I put something in front of it, too, I was wet and horny. Just the hammer I hope you like it ..;)

I've been getting so much toys lately but have not had time to try it .. Yesterday morning I did not stand it anymore and used 3 straight away! In the morning I'm always the hottest;) I've made me so horny that it's finally come out really wet out of me! - Are you doing it with me? - Video quality is unfortunately bad, I'm working on it, as synonymous s.meine "Videogenität": D Have cut a few passages and verschnellert, otherwise the video would have been for half an hour .. Looking forward to any comment, have fun! :) xx

Especially for you I wear hot lingerie and suspenders, but of course not long, because I want to have fun with you! I undress for you, show you my tits, my tight ass and of course my tight and wet pussy. Is your cock already hard? Then let and wank together, I imagine the dildo would be your cock and heat up with my hot dirty talk so properly. I want you to fuck me deep and hard, make me twitch and scream to orgasm ... Will you come to orgasm with me? I want your sperm!

A few days ago came my first vibrator. I'm so excited ... For a long time I wanted to test a vibrator or dildo, but never came. But now it's finally time. How will it feel? Whether I like that too? I heard so much. What if I inject and wet everything? Oh god, I think I better put a towel underneath, hehe. Better safe than sorry. But how do I do that best now? Mhm ... first lay down comfortably in my bed and then maybe listen to some relaxed music. Yes, I think so it could work. Oh man, I'm so curious how it feels and what will happen to me ...

Well, you've been waiting for something like that, have not you? Today there is my first blowjob video for you! First, I get myself an icy cold, then I take him beautiful POV for you in the mouth so you can imagine that I'll get you just nice ... too bad that you were not here & finally I'll do it a little bit even as it turned me on: P if you liked it, I'm looking forward to a review, if not - write me what you want to see in the next video: P

Today I go to the local outdoor swimming pool .. after my swimming unit I found a place in the meadow. Luckily I've taken my plug as a precaution, because the heat and the guys at the back of the meadow have made me really horny and wet again. Look, as I push my toy in the ass and get me really thoroughly yourself! Fuck the tensioners! Orgasm is mandatory ... and somehow it's also cool to be watched ;-) satisfaction