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I am tied to the bed and my eyes are connected. Somehow it feels weird, but also very sexy ... I can not defend myself, so I try to relax ... It was my first time ... I was never tied up in bed before. It was a great thrill for me to be so defenseless. I hope you like the video too, because I would like to gain more experience in this direction. I'm looking forward to your rating and your comment! See you soon and Bussi, Lea

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I've often been asked if I want to educate ladies who want to become Dominas. But because I know how unique I am, I do not train any competition. Only certain ladies, who are very nice to me, get small insights into my educational measures. Lady Anni was allowed to collect her first experiences in this clip on the subject of LIBRATION and HUMILIATION. Look at how well she mastered her first lesson! My property Peres and Michaela of course had a great pleasure here again, a pleasure that they have earned through loyalty and dedication to me!