Contessa's slave was disobedient. For punishment, she thought of himself something special. After he has worshiped her feet as it is, his tail and his balls are tied tightly and fixed on the cross. Helpless as he is, his tail and eggs are machined with blows. But also his nipples are not neglected. Weights and braces ensure that the slave is aware of the consequences of his disobedience.

My Sissy Michaela was actually on the way to nail her hungry Fickfotze. And that without asking me before? What will happen if you have cattle in my slavery and do naughty things? Facepicking in leather gloves hail from me to my Sissy. Who can not hear, just must feel. For the mental punishment, of course, I also enjoy! I spit in her hardened face and humble her at the finest! It MUST BE! She is naughty, well enough, but ... well ... so at least it is not boring and I can pursue my predilection and I CAN EDUCATE the little cunt! For them, if you want one, you must like the other!

Let is go with the process in which the tail is getting increasingly horny. I can reach this state simply by putting the luxuries of my extreme fetishpumps on the tail. Or I my thin heels in the tail meat. Again and again, a tail check is performed in which I check the state of lust again and again. The game increases naturally. Even the balls get my heels feel. Then it is so far: The act of juicing can be initiated! Today I just do it, I just take my riding equipment to hand. With her I work so long the cock tip with blows until the tail can no longer be different and cumshot! Cumshot, oh how beautiful the juice as it runs out of the tail hole, ruined orgasm! There is so much sperm out there, that also something on my red elegant shoe tip lands! Of course, I am not very happy about that! Now and then you will eat all the sperm you have injected on my luxury heels!