Finally a day off, I just want to start watching my favorite series and realize that the wireless is not working ... There's someone on the router again rumgebastelt ... Angry, I run through the apartment until I find the culprit, well what can experience! Now I have to pass the time probably different and that's just me right;). As punishment he has to stop now and I'll take what I need. Because he has done so nice, he may cum in my mouth for reward mhh delicious;). I was not too hard on him, right?

My roommate went to her friend for the time being, because we just have craftsmen in the whole house, or at the house and make a lot of noise. In addition, they can look directly into our living room from their scaffolding, which is an absolute horror for my roommate. Me, however, it has come up with an idea ... The poor have to work so hard all day, because they should also get something to watch or what do you mean;)?

That went but powerful in the pants! Actually, I had to go to the bathroom full urgently until my buddy made me pee nicely into my jeans! I always wanted to know what it's like to pee in my pants! Definitely a new experience for me and I have to say I liked it! It is a pleasant feeling when the warm piss your leg runs beautifully. How did you like my first Jeanspiss?

A user who does not want to be recognized, I had ordered once again because the pussy was hungry. What the little cunt but then got was not planned. The condom was suddenly no longer where it should be and the guy injected me all in the pussy purely. Super I want to get pregnant ??? Of course not .... class you have done great. Well, what's the pill for?

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