Since I just want to spend the hot summer days in the refreshing pool of a sauna landscape, suddenly two men join me. As I just want to look far to piss, one of the guys holds me tight and wants me to pee in the pool. Well, yes, a cool action so why not. I sit down between the guys on the edge of the pool and just let it run like a fountain. Greedy they keep their heads in front of my Pisstrahl so that not so much is wasted, but still lands a lot in the pool :) When I'm done with piss, I feel in my fuck holes from the front and from behind the tongues of the two guys. Wow it's violently to be licked from two sides at the same time. Since I'm pretty cool from and like to do voluntarily everything with me. When do we meet in the pool ...?

Take a break, switch off and have a smoke at the window ... alone, in peace. But no, that's not possible again? My backside is probably too inviting as it sticks out as I look at the window. The fact that I do not wear any panties makes matters even worse. Such a naked pussy can be very delighted. It is also not much talk and lost time - I get the thick cock immediately reingerammt. Violently I let myself durchficken directly at the window. I do not care if someone hears it outside. That pops right when the beating crashes into the pussy. I have to hold on properly to the windowsill, otherwise I'll be fucked. But it's not over yet, even if it's a quickie ... now comes the best. I get all the cum in the face nicely carved - and that's a real mess. Really blatant but such a spontaneous action must be always or?

I was out walking when suddenly a huge lust packed me. I had no choice but to look for a place where I am halfway undisturbed to me then to get properly myself. And then I just settled down in a meadow, in the tall grass, and let my lust run wild. Real orgasm. :) I am overwhelmed by the recent response to my first masturbation video, I answer guaranteed to any message and I like to fulfill wishes for specific videos, just write a message. Your Lara: **

In this heat you keep it currently only in the pool and of course, seeeeehr scarce clothed;););) As the men find it cool or?! ;) The guy two towels next to me could not let his eyes from my tits half slipped out of my bikini. When his old woman just went into the water, he came over after a short hesitation and chatted me very plump. Of course, I was a little embarrassed by the sight of his thick bump in the tight swimwear. At any rate, his cock did not get wet from the water. That was just really cool.

Dressed with jeans, a breezy top without bra and rubber boots, I go to cool it in the Itter.Erst I piss my neat in the Jeans.Einfach cool feeling like it warms down on my thighs and darken the jeans. Even in the Wellington is still not enough. I sit in the water and since I'm still completely dry my cameraman donates his mega load. He had again extreme pressure on it and fumbled so long that I was flooded. Now was I from top to bottom so what wet ........ so it's bearable in the weather ..... grins. Just a great mess :-)

After all the unistress I wanted to enjoy a nice day on the Baltic Sea. As is sometimes the case in life, it was already over with the nice weather - but I will not spoil my mood. So I lie down relaxed on the beach, it was beautiful thank God anyway, but unfortunately I did not pay attention on the way to my place where the nearest toilet is. Of course I did not even notice that when I needed to go to the bathroom - and that was pretty urgent ...

Downhill piss competition at the parking garage with Mira Gray Mira was shopping with me and the sport and were still on the way and had to pee, of course, as usual, and of course, as promised, the first small PISS competition video of us, we were very curious who cares better of us both. We definitely had a lot of fun again, it was also right on the departure of the parking garage from the shopping center: p actually quite dangerous too, not only because of spectators but also because of motorists, but we just wanted to try it downhill, forgot it but I have a little something while peeing ...... .picially, what? See for yourself: p you will not guess anyway !!!!!!! I have even outsmarted the Gulli in the way ... have a lot of new ideas and are looking forward to the new PIPI projects ... ..