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'Who blows best?', Was the only topic of conversation which could inspire me and my friends Lia-Lion and MaryHaze, after 8h bus ride. But we are not children of Taurigkeit and swoppers came to us the idea: Why do not we just find out the next trip? Said done, 3 sweet guys from the group also promptly agreed to play the jury. But at such service areas is always something going on and just when it was really cool we are ERWISCHT! MEGA-PEINLICH: o And of course there was no answer then ... What do you mean, who of us is the BLOWJOB-QUEEN? -> The other perspectives can be found at and

I love Sylt. The dunes, the sea, the mudflats and the atmosphere make me happy! After a long walk on the elbow I had to pee urgently. I picked out a nice place where reasonably few people were traveling. A man followed me, but was gone during my shoot. And then I let it go. On the most beautiful and expensive island in the world, I just pissed - a more beautiful "quiet place" you really can not wish! However, I was not alone ... Only when watching this video, I saw that the man was back ... I hope he has not filmed me ^ ^ Do you see him in the background? Have fun with the video and I am very happy about your rating! Kiss, Sarah: * pissorte