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ohhhhhweia .... when I was on the way home from Berlin to Hamburg I drank a lot, that then the next public toilet is too far away for my full bladder, I could not guess. In the end, I had to empty myself in the middle of Hamburg and let the torrent run wild ... You want to see more pee video from me? then leave me a review :) Kiss your Hanna: *

Packed bag and off to swim :) My first fuck in the locker room !!!!! At the beginning we were all alone and as he started to finger me, even the first people came ... OMG I thought only, but he kept going and held out my little Fickmund. Then we started fucking and I was already afraid to get caught, because more and more people came to, as you'll soon hear: D I needed after such a long time again a hard cock and tingling kick .... risky, but EXTREMELY awesome! My cunt loves it !!!!!!

I once again had one of my days of extreme lust, so I settled on a very busy parking lot on the main road and wanted to see how long it takes until the first appeals to me. And I did not have to wait long, of course, I had a good explanation ready for my awesome outfit ... because the guy could not help but wanted to take me;) But I wanted to fuck and the whole thing in place, constantly drove cars over and I have less and less ... until I finally stand completely naked on the street ... even in the parking lot for trucks and cars over and I have kept my bare ass out of the car when I have juiced it in the end. It was so awesome and hopefully I can do it again soon! What do you all mean ?

Auweija .... At the moment I have to complete tests of courage. But this time it was a very daring affair, where I also had tachycardia with nervousness ... !!!! In the middle of the town hall, let down the pants and go right next to the closet. There could be people coming in at any moment. Extremely nervous, I opened my jeans. I had to hurry. Did I do it? Please do not reveal anything in the comment :-).

I'm eating at the restaurant and there's a young guy who wants to get an autograph from me. Of course that honors me a lot .. hmmm if I still have some in my car? My fan accompanies me in the underground car park ... unfortunately I had to put him off .. but he does not look so bad .. maybe he comes there as an option yes, a fuck in the parking garage contrary ..... He comes Fuck me in public .. yes is a small fetish of mine ... That I leave him after my ride to climax simply lie with his still hard cock .. he probably did not expect.