The hope for a little more snow was there, unfortunately it was too warm in the last days. I went there anyway. There I was frustrated by the ski lift, because apart from a few people who were working there, nothing was going on. Fortunately, it was not difficult to convince an employee at the ski lift of a great quickie. Such a horny fast orgasm feels so mega! The kribbelt the pussy so horny afterwards. Luckily, I was done just before a group of skiers turned the ski lodge around the corner. Nevertheless, he had to quickly blow his cock and swallow everything before the group came right past us. But they would have had fun on my pussy. Only, if the 2 girls from the group also participated?

He did just that on purpose, put the car at the top of the parking garage ... so we have another way !! But of course I expected it and only had my red coat ... a hot body and hot boots on! And so it came as it just had to come ... a great tour through the parking garage! And on top, I got my fat portion of cum in the face! So it was absolutely perfect !! Have fun !!

Right next door, the band played as he ripped my pussy. I was already quite late but luckily the nice guy at the entrance read me in the concert hall. Well, since I had already missed the beginning anyway, I thought, fuck it I now feel like a fuck. So I persuaded the horny bouncer to show me the backstage area. Directly at the goods lift where nothing was going on, I took his slightly erect tail out of his pants and blew him nice and warm. OMG, that was exciting. My cunt was already dripping with all the adrenaline. So I quickly pulled down my jeans and we fucked in various positions unrestrained in the stand and on the floor. There could be a supplier at any moment and use the elevator but at the moment we did not care. I probably would have let fuck my pussy too.

The men in the nude area always make me so horny. I constantly feel the tingling and twitching in my pussy. With all the hot cocks around me, I can not stand it long. The dream of all men would be that we all fuck each other now. And my floating in the water pussy flaps then gave me the rest and I just had to do it. On the spot without shyness it went spontaneously to the point.

Was in the furniture store looking for some stylish things for my new apartment ... Suddenly I noticed how one of me watched, then I spoke to the guy just once. He said he finds me totally horny and if I want to show him my butt .. I did of course, do not want to be prude .. That made me totally hot! We went through several departments I showed everywhere my ass and my tits. It made me mega fun to present myself to the people and to shock them ... then I can not stand it anymore and wants to be fucked, in the middle of the furniture store !! NOT on the toilet !! I bubble the guy and let me fuck him hard, everyone could see it! Incredible that I have dared me! My knees are still trembling with excitement.

I was with a good friend in the department store, when we wanted to leave the store he had persuaded me to come to the bathroom with him. Had somehow already buck on it something to do: P well, we went together then on the men's loo in the cabin and I knelt in front of him and started to blow nice. Until suddenly someone came in and caught us. We stopped immediately and went out. He did not spray today, but it was still cool: P

Oops, how could that happen ?! On the way to my buddy, I had to pee in the staircase of something and because he just did not open the door fast enough, I pissed in the middle of his staircase. Beautiful durchgeschtrullert through my skin-colored FSH while still relish pulled on my fag. My piss is then gone down all stages ... Well, luckily he lives in such a rancid Assihaus, as my Pissspur hardly noticeable ;-)

Just before I wanted to go, my eyes fell on something that would change my entire day !! I love public messes, but if it's so spontaneous, it's almost not horny! My lust knew this morning no limits and when it is so far, everything is EGAL me! I mean the guy next to, seemed a bit annoyed by his girlfriend ... Would not it be cool if he had strayed out wrong and .... I think that everybody would have found it pretty cool ... Especially because you really did not expect such a pervert from me !!!!!!!!!

Others call it frivolous, unrestrained, indecent, I call it just awesome! It was awesome, but I do not regret anything, on the contrary, that's exactly what I'm going to do a lot more now, because a shopping trip can be quite boring sometimes. I'm really surprised that I really dare, even though there were always people around me. My pussy was just soaking wet so I was excited by this whole situation, especially the risk of being caught, is just GEIL.