Last week I was visiting Dresden. Since there is just city festival, I've made the Ferris wheel for my next video. ;) When I had to pee, the floor has gotten quite a bit ... I did not think of that in advance and had to mop it up with my shirt. : P Who has looked at my last BLOG entry, who knows what it is about. Luckily, this time, too, everything went well and nobody noticed when getting out of the gondola. I hope the person did not get a wet ass after me. Wish you a lot of fun! Shaiden

After I sowed my old car so it's time for a new car, P or? Come on, let's see what's up in the dealership. P Wow here everything smells so new and fresh ^^ And the first here also has a great big trunk for many horny sauerei - but look there - there is still such a red car, P even has 4 exhaust pipes: P Wow - certainly has a lot of horsepower - at least I think it is the most expensive car in the exhibition, P - I take - but before I test it if he stops my hot ray and nothing drips out down - look at what I have for a horny Sauerei in the back seat make D

I still had some inhibitions, I have to admit that! Shame on me, my last Spermawalk is way too long ago and so I'm probably out of practice? But it was also a whole new way of sperm presentation for me !!! And just because I think the idea but so cool and to see if you like it at all, I decided to upload this video anyway. So if you like it and I want to do a daring sequel, I would appreciate a feedback via comment or message. Either way, you get to see a juicy facial here in any case actually see other men could see live today and a little challenge what to look for from me there are again, hehe;)

On kitchen search in the furniture store. There are great deep drawers here. They are ideal to just pee in just once cool: P if I come with my Pisstrahl in the drawer? And what are so cool bottles in the closet here? The fit but also determined in my tight wet pussy, P so thirsty has certainly no one ennobled in the store :)

We wanted to go back by bus and I had to go to the bathroom so badly. What did Cat say to me? "Just let it go," as here in the middle of the main street? OMG I have to do it after her. She said it would be quite easy and pissing fully into the jeans. Well, who wants to keep up with the big ones then have to follow suit. So I really pissed in the middle of the main street in my jeans and we ran to the bus stops. Incomprehensible!!!!!

I was waiting for my buddy, because I really did not feel like running in the heat anymore. I told him exactly where I am, but of course he parks further away and we still have to run the piece ... but that quickly turned into a hot walk and we had fun on the way ... what we then at the car ... directly on a really busy street have brought to an end! Again really horny public action !! Promised!! And we never knew when people would come to the parked car ... cool !!

Do you know that? Sometimes you just can not stand it out of sheer lust and needs a hot fuck on the spot! My flatmate and I have a date with friends for a picnic. Already in the car we throw ourselves lustful glances and he takes hold of me again and again between the legs. Mhh I have soo desire for his hard cock! I see his bulge in his pants. "It will be a long time before we get home! I do not want to wait that long, let's stop at the front." He drives to a parking lot, quickly grabs the ceiling and we walk on a small lawn next to the road! On the way there, we have to cross a bridge that leads exactly over this road. As hot as I am, I just pull up my dress and show him my ass. For that, I directly pick a horn from one of the passing cars ... ups! I want him. Here and now! What a hot fuck! The feeling to be seen and caught, makes me simply indescribably horny ..!

My girlfriend Melina and I were on the way to the bus, Melina had to pee urgently I just suggested letting it run, haha shocking and shy she looked at me as an old NS professional have her directly imitated, stopped and run beautifully ohhhh crassss I had a huge puddle in the shoe melina let it run well then well it was easy hehe now we could be nice in full pissed jeans waiting for the bus