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I found out today that it's much nicer to piss public in a residential area on a busy street instead of a highway. People just have so much more time to gawk :) So the appeal for me is even greater and the car drivers have more of it;) I have to do that rather necessary and just can not keep it. Everything runs in my jeans and discolored them very dark and wet. It even runs into my sneakers. There are already some cars passing me, who can enjoy that. I think the truck even turned around because of me. That's a nice picture for a driving school. How would you behave here * laugh * This question you can even answer for yourself. But a threat to public roads that has not been or?

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I was on the way to the Venus shoot! I am the face of the fair this year. I was very late. On the A 24 direction Berlin, then the less than 1.30min stopover. Do you know that, if you press hard, so the pee rausschiesst faster? I pressed like at birth ... Believe me! : D And zack back into the car! And someone should say that women need a long time to go to the toilet! :))

Well that was exciting! Cameraman Pierre thought he was going to do it. Actually, I wanted to do a very different video: D
But I was just so horny that I needed it at the rest area we just said we are just gone and then comes to Pierre and filming us in private Sex.:D
The video that should actually be made comes for next week: D
Soo now you get a private outdoor quicke, as it were: D

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We have completed our "contract number" in Bussloo ... For new couples, it is easy for anyone who happens to run around there also something to show ... From 18 clock, the sex and tension forbidden signs depended ... At the end of our little Number was the group mentioned in the title gathered around us in passing by itself to put on hand ...

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