Did I go too far this time? My roommate has back problems and can currently only lie in bed and not move, the poor guy! So, me being a good roommate, I check in on him to see how he is doing. But when he says, he is like tied to the bed, so to speak, a fantasy starts playing in my head right away .... how hot would it be to use him now just as I please! But he does not want to get involved, is thinking about his new girlfriend ... but who is here now and takes care of him? I don't see his girlfriend anywhere! ;) With a sexy striptease I can get him to shake off the last doubts and use his now hard cock just like a sex toy and ride it! And because he has let himself be used so well and I had a hot orgasm, he may also cum at the end, after all, it would be only half as nice without the delicious cream in the end! Do you want to be my sex toy?

Who does not know that? I was already NOTGEIL the whole day and secretly played around with me, then I could not stand it any longer !!! I have all my buddies abtelefoniert and finally on the last attempt was ran and came on call over! Then it was the same hot without much to talk about and as a reward he then gave me a really tough CREAMPIE !!!!

Hello to you all, since Sunday is the first Advent, I had an idea. I thought about hiring a hobby photographer to take some nice pictures for you. He also had time immediately and came to my house. Just when I came out of the shower it was already ringing and I opened the door, where he was already in front of me. He had a package in his hand and said, "It was on the stairs, I thought I'd take it upstairs." I thanked and our photo shoot could begin. Believe me, I really enjoyed it and I was extremely curious about the pictures. Meanwhile, he was looking at the pictures, I packed my package because even there I was curious ...... well and then I came up with a spontaneous idea! Betrayed, I do not do that to you now, that you can look at yourself. ???? The only pity was that I could have continued much longer ...... but my amateur photographer had unfortunately already pressed the "trigger" * smile * Have fun ....... Kiss your Lina

(INFO: This video was primarily intended for private use, but I persuaded him that you could see it too.) It's just too nice ^^) - If I have sex, then I have my heart and soul! Sensual, erotic and with pure passion - that's how I love it. Also private! - In this tape I show you my cuddly, passionate, dedicated side. If I have private sex, I like to take a lot of time for it. This of course also stroking, smell, taste, kiss, feel ... We give ourselves to our desire and let us drift from our lust. I can not say more about it - look at it yourself and enjoy! Have fun with the video and I am very happy about your rating! Kiss, your Sarah: *

I had already noticed in the corner of my eye that the cameraman looked greedily every now and again. In addition, I did not escape his bump in his pants. But he has also done a really good job, after all, he had over an hour when filming the clip "the first time fuck in oil" hold different positions, watching our shiny oil body and my lust. Apart from the close-ups of my holes. To be honest, I knew quite early that I would juicing him after the shoot with a nice blowjob. He really deserves this reward. But see for yourself, as the guy has come at his own expense and has delivered his load;) I can never get enough, too bad that was not yet another cameraman was there ....

Well, today I had the desire to ride a motorcycle. A buddy of mine has a very nice bike and I wanted to ride with him. So I called and asked him to come to my motorbike to drive around the houses. He wanted to come to me after work. In the time when I had to wait in, I phoned his girlfriend. She said how unhappy she is because her boyfriend can not lick well. After phone call, I still had to think about it and how I could help my girlfriend. So I thought of something, so my buddy learned to lick and my girlfriend is happy again. Mh, ok, I was very hot today too and maybe that's what drove my decision. The result is that I came to my pleasure and my buddy had to lick well. Do you like my decision too?

The rules were actually simple: If I win a round of cards he goes shopping with me at his expense, I lose poppen we. How else could it be? I lost! But the grief was short-lived, he has fucked me so hard that I had my violent orgasm until now. It was really awesome, the sex was almost too short ;-) I have this time really dropped all inhibitions and I'm surprised myself! But see for yourself .... Kussi Lina