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As some may already know today was the Christmas party of my work. My boss is looking at me so strangely all the time and I suspect that maybe he somehow found out what I've been doing in private since recently ... I try to ignore his looks and also that he always touches me "accidentally" , When I just do not see him, I just decide to say goodbye quickly and escape this embarrassing situation, but then I made the bill without my boss, who is already expecting me in the elevator ... I try to pretend that I would neither him nor the Watch the camera and get in. But when I bend over after my fallen pen he goes on the offensive and grabbed me again and this time really bad! When he grabs my face, I get a little angry, what does he think I'm so easy to touch! I then ask him about that too and he admits to having seen me and in all seriousness plays the "I'm your boss" card ... well, so I take him to me and he really makes me feel that all the time I am his subordinate. Would you have done the same?

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