Hello dear ones :) I gave the photographer from the last video one more chance! He has begged and begged that I should give him another chance and just as I am, he also got this :) When he was finally with me, we came to the topic without much talk and I can tell you .. that was amazing! The sex position he chose, he had something of a good mood !!!! ... but see for yourself: P Kussi your Lina?

We already know her, I love Christmas markets! When I finished my work a bit earlier I went straight to the Christmas market, because there I can always switch off super. I pulled myself into a small corner and just wanted to write to my girlfriend that she should come too. He came around the corner! He actually recognized me! At first I did not know who he was and what he wanted from me ... But soon I could remember his photos, our hot chats and our hot camsessions. We spontaneously decided to go through the market together. Because we wanted to arrange an appointment anyway. Of course, we became more and more horny each other - and so he accompanied me home. Of course, we have fully enjoyed our time together! But that I do SO at the first meeting, I would not have thought of myself ...! Have fun with the video and I am very happy about your rating! Kiss, your Sarah: *

I can hardly believe it ... I really tried to keep it secret at university. But somehow I was seen through ... Was it my eyes? Or a few unusual movements? I dont know. This morning everything was as usual, I just wanted to test my love balls from the Advent calendar. I figured it would be a good idea if I kept her in the university all day ... Then the lectures would be at least a bit more exciting, hihii. But even with my bike, on the way to university, I can hardly concentrate on the essentials. This feeling, with every little movement ... indescribable! I enter the university and the first lectures are about nothing. I wobble awkwardly on my chair, hihii ... that feels so good. This charm that nobody knows about it ... at least I thought. When a fellow student comes to my university and suddenly wants to do some business with me, I would probably have to become suspicious. Sigh ...

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I have been ill for days. One handkerchief after another. My voice is scratching. Nevertheless, I go to the office and do my job. At home in the evening I am totally alone. No user who comforts me. No friend who makes me a tea. Sniff. Sad. That's when I started to dream. In my dream, I was sure that sperm would be the best medicine for me. In the last 3 weeks I was fucked extremely little and hard. That's why I'm definitely sick!?! If only a tail would be near me .... Dream ... that would be so awesome! I could get my sperm medicine and would be healthy again very quickly. I have to get well soon. Meet in December but still 2 users ...... (Dieter & Andreas)

In the seventh package was unfortunately just such a stupid toy bag and since I could not satisfy myself with it, I simply milked my Camman! Of course, he was really happy when I suddenly grabbed his cock and just stuck in my mouth cunt. It was so awesome that I just sat down on his cock. He could really enjoy my pussy and I fucked myself to climax! In the end, I also had a happy ending, because he has distributed all his DNA sauce in and on my mumu! Kinky Christmas I say only * gg

I'm eating at the restaurant and there's a young guy who wants to get an autograph from me. Of course that honors me a lot .. hmmm if I still have some in my car? My fan accompanies me in the underground car park ... unfortunately I had to put him off .. but he does not look so bad .. maybe he comes there as an option yes, a fuck in the parking garage contrary ..... He comes Fuck me in public .. yes is a small fetish of mine ... That I leave him after my ride to climax simply lie with his still hard cock .. he probably did not expect.

Actually, we wanted to make a cozy game night, but since I was never good at playing cards, I lost very quickly the desire for this game. Since I've been up since then Mega was cool and had already played around tomorrow in the shower around me, I tried the game just to turn around because I was out of sheer lust almost last and my pussy was already really wet. But unfortunately, my hot game partner's term is not that I want to feel him and his hot cock now absolutely. So I started playing with him to make him realize that I'm really hot right now. I put everything on a map and started to pamper myself a bit. I was so excited if he loved me as much as I did him. What do you think? Who won at the end of this game?