Sometimes I just want to get it really nice, hihii ... after the first stressful days with the new room and the new job, I need relaxation. I take off my shoes and lie down on my bed. I start to caress my legs and take off my pants ... followed by the underwear and then I feel them already ... my wet little, oh yes I rub with my fingers nice and slow back and forth. My legs begin to shake and I notice how the desire is getting bigger. It's time to unpack my toy to finally let me fall, hihii. But when I'm really nice to spoil myself and switch off, I suddenly hear my room door ... oh God, what's he doing here now?

As you know, only a week has passed since I ordered my new toys. Unfortunately that also means that I have to wait another week. But unfortunately, too, until I can show you a little more of me. But the wait will certainly be worthwhile for both of us, because I have chosen very special 'toys'. But I hope I can bridge the time a bit with both of them, in which I just show you what I spend my free time otherwise. Just let me seduce you. Should I perform such an erotic dance on the pole for you? dance

Since the real estate agent could not resist, hehe! As we all know, the housing market is pretty tough, so I had to help a bit to get an apartment! The apartment is just a dream, it is my absolute dream apartment and cheap! I know that the real estate marketer does not prefer me as a new tenant, but I still have an ace up my sleeve! If he promises me that I get the apartment he can fuck me and what shall I say * laugh * I got the apartment: P

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Today it's about the sausage, a buddy comes over, we chill and talk and suddenly he comes up with the idea to barbecue. But it's already late, and besides, I'm a vegetarian, I do not eat any sausages: D. "No problem," he says, he has brought a thick extra sausage for me and I should now nibble: D Such a Schlawiner, but he has threaded quite cleverly. How that is unfortunately sometimes so - no big mouth behind it, the good splashes after a short time and instead of pulling out, as one usually does so, if you do not ask before, everything ends up deep in my pussy ... The grilling I have somehow presented differently and must now go on alone alone, after all, I still want to come to the train. And, do you want to watch me? ;)

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