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I have something to tell you, I have a midterm exam now and I have to admit that I'd rather spend my time doing things other than learning, so I had an idea! I took a tutor and we got together fairly quickly. You can certainly imagine that as an apprentice you do not have that much money. So we made a deal: he's learning with me for the upcoming exam and he's allowed to have some fun * smile * ......... but look at yourself. Have fun ... .Kisses your Lina

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Today I expected a lot, but not with it! Today I once again let my parents look at me, - chat a bit and so, you know that. Anyway, on the way home, I wanted to quickly pass the packing station, when I just talked to a guy from the car parked there on the street. What came then, I could hardly believe ...... He has really recognized me! He knew exactly who I am and knew all my films! We had even chatted before. Man, what my heart was beating, you can probably imagine - so surprised and nervous I was. What I liked so much .. was that he has probably looked at me how cold I am and so he asked me if I do not want to get into the warm car, - he would drive me. Yes, and so we came into the conversation and I had no choice but to ask him if he would like to come up with when we arrived at my place ... Well and what happened then. Look yourself. Kussi your Lina