Hello, I wanted to say that I dared! I'm so excited and could not think about anything else the whole day. At work, I even got a tray down, that was a little embarrassing ... I really thought that everyone has to look at what I'm going to do at home. The thought that one or the other actually sees it right now makes my nervousness soar. On the way home, I do not know if I hurry, or rather go slowly. I'm really looking forward to it, but this is my first time and I'm so shy, which really annoys me because it's also fun. But I promise you, I will practice a lot for you! I hope you like it :).

I told my best friend! I really did think he was stupid, but quite the opposite, he thinks it's really good and offered me his help right away. Fortunately, he is a hobby photographer and has already lent me one of his cameras on my first videos, but he still thought I was going to do a project for my education. I'm really excited. I've never done anything with him and I'm not sure if it all works out. But then it rings at the door and everything is almost as usual, except that he holds a camera in his hand ... Phew but that's fast. But now do not show and quickly out the pants, then it starts already. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty nervous, but that will always be better. I hope you liked it. Greetings Lina

That ass! I never thought he was doing this to me. My roommate laid a "girlfriend" of mine when she was waiting for us in our apartment. How can you be so ruthless ??? She does not surprise me, but I would not have believed him that. I will not let it sit on me and pay him home. Today his best friend is visiting. I have arranged for my roommate to be stopped at the university and at the same time welcome his best friend. I lure him into the room with my roommate. The bag had ever asked me if he can even turn with me. Well, he can have! We film everything beautifully and I look forward to a branch as I send it to my roommate. I would like to see his stupid face now!

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He is really the BEST work colleague. No wonder he is married. But that does not prevent him from comforting me. - Today was another hard working day. The last weeks I have to work a lot of overtime for my boss, I have to iron out his mistakes and I also have to appease our customers. My colleague has noticed that I am currently stressed and exhausted. That's why he suggested to me in the office that he bring me home today. And since I always understand him very well and he has always uplifting words for me, I have of course agreed. At home we talked longer and I felt much better. Until he gets the idea to comfort me. Of course I can not say NO - although I know he is married. And so I will keep a little secret for me again ... Have fun with the video and I'm very happy about your rating! Kiss, your Sarah: *

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