I'm so excited, it starts ... hihii. The car doors fall shut, a little nervous I clasp the steering wheel. My fingers are shaking, I smile embarrassed and turn to face him. We both know, we feel like ... a quiet place must come from. The ride into the adventure can begin. We have to drive quite a while before we find a place where there are not so many people. That can be a ride ... But somehow I like it really well, as he strokes my leg and makes me crazy with his words. My whole body is tingling and it's getting harder and harder for me to concentrate on the street. But suddenly we notice a small dirt road. I pull the steering wheel wildly to the right and stand up so clumsily that I almost land my head between his legs ... hihii. After a few kilometers we reach a remote, old and probably uninhabited hut along the wayside. I park the car, turn off the engine, and turn my attention to him. We understand each other without words and get out of the car almost at the same time. It's about time ... my first time.

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I drove my car into my garden and could not believe my eyes! It is really a policeman on the dirt road and wants to control me. And he has a reason too! My license plate is missing! He wanted to take me with me, so I immediately tried to arrange it in my favor. Strangely, he soon knew in what currency I wanted to pay my debts. I could not look so fast as I had his cock in my mouth. I thought, OK, this is my chance and started! After I had sucked his cock really hard, he put me on the hood and fucked me from behind! I have to say! Even policemen can fuck! Now I wanted to control the power of the state and sat on it! What a great ride! But now I wanted cream, a lot of cream! I sucked on his hard cock until the cream in mouth and face jerked! Now I just hope that there is no penalty.

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