I had planned a great outdoor party with my friends and wanted to find a nice spot in the countryside. As the devil wants it, of course, I met such a stupid guy who everywhere ensures order and control! I should not celebrate here, etc. But since I had already planned and prepared everything I had to somehow dissuade the guy from me to pronounce his ban! I already noticed how he liked my short tight panties and thus I came up with an idea! But I did not have any condoms, nor did I know the guy ... but I did not want to disappoint my friends either. So I actually let myself fuck in public by him neatly naked in my tight cunt ... (no idea how long he had not fucked anymore) ... until he poured his hot monster cream over me! Totally eingesaut I made myself from the dust!

When I wanted to drive home from my friend Lara by train I had to go to the bathroom. The only problem was that the stupid toilet was locked in the station. What now ??? I thought so well on it then just nice in the pants is so warm outside. Of course, I had not expected that my sweet Lara synonymous with the same, and also pissed nicely in the pants. I have to say the feeling who it is in the tight pants nice and warm was already very exciting.

I took a few days off this year, in beautiful Austria. There I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The landscape is just great and in the nice weather, of course I was swimming. I had not noticed the locals. somehow he followed me directly into the water, because he stood behind me. He asked me if I like to sunbathe naked, he knows a great place. Since he looked very good, I accepted the offer and went with him. It came over me immediately .. everything just fit, the situation was perfect. I went all the way and began to blow his cock. He liked it and he immediately stood like a one. But then it really started. The guy not only looked sporty, he also fucked like an athlete. He worried me hard and long, in different positions. And all this in the middle of the lake, I had completely forgotten that. But I still moaned loudly. He did it really well, my pussy is still shaking. For that he can squirt me smoothly into the mouth. After this number, both of us are still hot and we go to the lake again .. then we have further fucked forever.