When I just wanted to relax a little between the grapevines, after a while I got a visit from a harvest helper. He said that the vineyards were a private property, but that we could agree. At the same moment he already got his thick cock out of his pants and held it in front of my nose. I just could not resist that. Would you have been so bold;)

I'm so excited, it starts ... hihii. The car doors fall shut, a little nervous I clasp the steering wheel. My fingers are shaking, I smile embarrassed and turn to face him. We both know, we feel like ... a quiet place must come from. The ride into the adventure can begin. We have to drive quite a while before we find a place where there are not so many people. That can be a ride ... But somehow I like it really well, as he strokes my leg and makes me crazy with his words. My whole body is tingling and it's getting harder and harder for me to concentrate on the street. But suddenly we notice a small dirt road. I pull the steering wheel wildly to the right and stand up so clumsily that I almost land my head between his legs ... hihii. After a few kilometers we reach a remote, old and probably uninhabited hut along the wayside. I park the car, turn off the engine, and turn my attention to him. We understand each other without words and get out of the car almost at the same time. It's about time ... my first time.

Was heute passiert ist, war echt zu krass... Das es in unserer WG jeder mal mit jedem treibt, ist ja kein Geheimnis. Aber das wir es heute alle gemeinsam im Garten krachen ließen, war schon echt heftig und megascharf. Jeder konnte einfach nur mit Jedem ficken und die Kerle wollten zum Start ne heiße Lesbennummer mit Chrissy sehen. Total geiles Ding, was unbedingt nach Wiederholung schreit! Ich bin aufjeden Fall dabei!

Uncut! I recently brought a young man from the pub: Kevin. Kevin is still very inexperienced and was allowed to cum in a mouth for the first time. But Kevin wants to learn more. He wants to fuck me! My condition: Show me first that you can piss! That was of course a hard condition for the shy Kevin: D He drank almost 4 liters of water, because actually he said, he can not do that, pee a pretty woman's mouth ... But thanks to the 4 l he can - and Piss me say and write 2 minutes long swallowing mouth full! And since my cameraman now also pushes the bubble, there is still a pressure refueling for my mouth :) I am looking for a review!