Christmas is around the corner and everyone is in love. If you think .... I am in Berlin and wanted to make me in the capital of a Christmas penis hehe. Disguised as a Christmas elf I ran through the park and searched for him ... unfortunately in vain, but luckily I am a little fox and have an emergency plan! : D So I still get here in the park stuffed my little Teenymuschi!

I had to pee so fast that was really not to endure so stopped at the next opportunity and quickly where Pippi made. So the plan was but unfortunately I had not endured it down and it all went into my tight jeans. I have to give the feeling of wet warm pants made me totally. And so I pulled down my pants and got it myself pretty until I squirted again nice. That has really done mega good only then with the wet pants driving home was not so pleasant laugh

EVERYTHING was different this morning! I woke up from my twitching pussy and had to do something about it !!!! I have never done anything like this and that was the only and last time. The stranger guy could have done something else with me! I was only aware of these dangers in retrospect! When I am GEIL my brain is completely out !!! I went with transparent leggings on the road and after 1 minute came the first! Let's go .. OMG !!!! That I really did THAT !!!!!!!!!!!! And then completely rubber-free ............ !!!!! Never again!!! That was really an exception !!!! Hmm I can already hear the next car !!!!

I'm eating at the restaurant and there's a young guy who wants to get an autograph from me. Of course that honors me a lot .. hmmm if I still have some in my car? My fan accompanies me in the underground car park ... unfortunately I had to put him off .. but he does not look so bad .. maybe he comes there as an option yes, a fuck in the parking garage contrary ..... He comes Fuck me in public .. yes is a small fetish of mine ... That I leave him after my ride to climax simply lie with his still hard cock .. he probably did not expect.

I'm so excited, my best friend from the past is in town for a few days. We want to go to the Christmas market together. Luckily it's not too far into the city, hihii ... I also know a great shortcut. Now I'm just waiting for it to ring and it's at the door. Even before I can say something, it rings already at the door. I jump down the stairs and halfway I fall into his arms ... oopsi, that was not planned. He takes it with humor that we are half a story down on the floor. Back on its feet, it goes directly towards the city. But instead of walking down the main street, we take the faster route through the park. Because I know because a great shortcut behind the wall along ... I hope only the way is not overgrown, hihii. But when we crossed the wall and found ourselves between branches and branches, he just could not keep his hands off me. Until we suddenly had to stop unexpectedly ...