I just had to pee so beastly, but I found no place. I was in an industrial area in Cologne go and stand anywhere on trucks and run around on types. My bladder was bursting just before, so I just had to get on the road, have placed me between two trucks, the skirt, my panties to the side and just losgepisst .... but it was not exactly a short pleasure. My Pissstrahl wanted and would not stop. I had intended to do two types which could have been put under it, which would themselves can not wegschlucken everything. Or you were capable of wegzuschlucken everything? Or would you rather just lie under it and let you from top to bottom pissed? Write me what would you prefer?

I do not know so how about you - but I hate the winter, this cold and this gray trees ... For months I look like right outside my front door of the beautiful Rhine River flows and was looking forward to spring - and now the end of March it finally happened and we had had an incredible 23 crad =) last opportunity to turn a user when applied some time ago for me. Whether we have remained good and just relaxed or only at the lake happened more, you can see in the video and the preview; o)

Oh great, a flat tire and I'm alone in the middle of nowhere on the road !! You can imagine how damn sure glad I was when then at last, another cyclist comes along and even can help with my wheel me! And somehow I wurd pretty hot when I saw da da tinker him on the bike, a little sweat shining amid the beautiful nature and his eyes on my tits are not lost on me ... so why not really a horny Belohnungsfick surrounded by nature? ;) And as initially thought alone we were not yet, because suddenly there's a rustling around in the bushes, maybe someone else enjoyed the hot fuck * g *

You can not imagine how incredibly awesome it made me to know that everyone can realize in the neighborhood, what attracts here abgeht.Die spring sun and finally the time has come and you can ficken.Krasse outdoor action on the balcony, you which is probably because the neighbors think? Are we gone too far this time? the neighbor had me the next day they all weird angeschaut.Ob has noticed that we had a good fuck after I had pissed him handsome in his mouth? the cumshot was definitely neat and we had our Spaß.Ein horny beginning of the outdoor season)