I always wanted to have such a great combination! Sven and Mark both claimed that they have 22cm in their pants! Geiler coincidence, I thought to myself and therefore I did not want to miss this! The evening was still young and we all so horny that we had to let it crack. It was just too cool to be true! Of course, the best came twice in the end! I really can not get enough of sperm !!

After a long, hot summer day, I wanted to take a shower in the evening! I was with friends for a few days in a cottage on the lake. There we had to share the bathroom. My buddy Sven has always blocked the bathroom and I had absolutely no desire to wait. Somehow came over me then the desire for a hot, hard Fickprügel and since I know that Sven is on me anyway, I was sure that he would have no problem with it, if we share the water .. ?? ??

Yes, I really do shoot with users and do not do fake dates, like some others! I had written in the webcam and messaging system with Hoschi. He said he had turned with my girlfriend Anna schonmal and would also like to have sex with me. Since I thought so a hoteldate would be just the right thing. He had kept his word! Whether his cock has held well? I think that even exceeded some statements, but see for yourself ;-)

I've never really experienced something like that. Heino is an absolute full-nerd and he had no experience with sex either. The big question I had asked myself from the beginning was "Can he do it?" But I'm not like that. I think that really EVERY user should get a fair chance. Of course these include the Shy Men and the Nerds. You'll be surprised how the fuck went, because I was too ???? Have fun watching and not so shy, skin purely in the buttons and notify me ????

My friend Lia and I understand each other really great and were together in our shared party flat! But this weekend Lia really let it rip. The kitchen looked like hell and that's why I helped clean it. When she told me about her horny guy, I became very curious, but unfortunately she suddenly had to leave immediately. And then who suddenly rings the doorbell at the door? Your type of yesterday. It was cool. What happened then you can think. Only hopefully Lia does not come in early to the front door!

Malle is only once a year! Ole, Ole, ...! I was so glad that the old man was away for a few days. Holiday among friends is always high life with drinking and fucking I thought. But then he came back earlier than expected from Malle! Stop chilling and enjoy peace! He just touched me and fumbled! The bag is supposedly totally horny and untervögelt. Should I believe that? Well, after this ultimate fuck and the heavy cum load that could really be true! :-P :-)

We had actually arranged for a sport together, because he wanted to show me some tips and tricks, but he just started without me! Well, so the sport he does, that's nothing for me anyway. I tried the chin-up bar, but I never did it! So I thought, we change the plan and I'll show him how I like to burn calories ????

This time I was on a very special mission. A user asked me in my livecam, if I could not come clean with him in sexy outfit, because he is completely overwhelmed. At first I was not particularly fond of the idea, but then I decided to fulfill his wish. Of course, then everything changed. But I could have thought the same synonymous, that was a tail cleaning speech ... ;-);)