In Dusseldorf we have so many breweries. I go to a home brewery on Sundays in the morning very happy. The guys are relaxed, and that's exactly the time of the "Frühschoppens". The men are alone or single. At home, the loyal wife / girlfriend sits and is happy that she grants her husband alleged "clearance". Maybe she still celebrates how easy she would be on it. :-) He is allowed to do what he wants !!! :-) So so. Tell that at the same time on the phone determines her even best friend. Honestly? Why should not I take advantage of this? Unsatisfied male cocks are the best! They give full throttle and are ready for everything. If, again, not in a relationship, the single man really wants to spoil !! I have already experienced all variants !!! After all, a Sunday is a paradise for every woman! Few women gather this! True to the motto: brunch and then relish pop! As a woman, you can get you sex, you just have to know where!

Last week, Mrs. and Mr. Kuntz came to our seed bank practice. His sperm should be examined for quality, because he wanted to register as a donor. Had great genes. So I brought him to our little practice-Wichszimmer with laptop as a "tool". Here were already taken some tails in the hand. I told him to jerk off into the white mug so we could examine his sperm. After 2 minutes he calls me! Oops, what's up? There is a laptop in the room for porn from the internet !!! Why call? He could not jerk off and certainly not cum. Is that a trap for me ??? Should I watch him jerk off? Sometimes I listen to the door of the room and imagine how the patient is holding his cock in his hand. Looking at a porn and wanking his cock nicely! Does he even think of me, the medical assistant? The few dare to call for me, because her wife is sitting in the waiting room :-) Bravely wank in the room and the faithful wife or girlfriend sits next door. What do you think happened after he called me? Could I help him?

Incredible! Stunned! 17:48 after work. The whole time I kept an eye on our "new" work colleague. No sooner was the open-plan office empty than we have fallen over each other like the bunnies. Also across the street, all the offices were empty. Fucking he pushes my tits on the disc to the street (Oststrasse, Dusseldorf), while he slams me hard from behind! Exactly my taste, which is why I love my job as a secretary. Pure fun! From the bottom, I can only see one guy pull out his cellphone and start filming. Really no joke (see picture) Can he see my tits on the disc? What? The guy is so brazen and approaches the building and rings !! What does he believe in what we do with him?

Oh man, it's hardly embarrassing. I had a date in bed, whose beauty I would like to have introduced into my butt. I was really keen! When I pull down my pants on a date, I'm always happy to see what really gets me horny! That was a really horny cock, the guy had there. On top of that, a really nice, nice guy. I had met him 2 days earlier in the office as a customer. So I quickly ran into the basement, where I had stored my toys (dildo, shackles, etc.) in moving boxes after moving. The anal pleasure I did not want to miss me and my little Popo and got out of the basement my heart-shaped favorite butt plug. Exactly at the moment, when I wanted to leave the cellar, the neighbor comes in! Waaaasss ??? Completely naked with the butt plug in my hand I stood opposite him. Without panties !! Only in heels and hold-free bow stockings! Should I have to move again? Or could I save the situation?

This advertising order has changed my life !!! Why? Now and then I also advertise yoghurts, hair shampoo, etc. So I meet with the photographer and take a few shots. Damn! This photographer wanted to know my real name. I knew immediately: The guy wants more! ! Melly Bunny bitch? You can not really mean that, were his first words at the welcome. If you want to be included with us in the Modelkartei future, then only under your real real name. Did I have a choice now? What should I do? I wanted to continue modeling. So I named my real name !!! Now you know him too! Would I like to work in the adult industry too ?! Oh man! What do you think about that? Shall I do that? Turn porn? Man, I called him my bourgeois name? Have I given my consent to orders from the adult industry? Did I show him my naked body? Did I actually fuck with him in front of the camera? Are there any men who would accept that? Fuck with strange men in front of the camera? What would you advise? name Modeling

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