If you do not know what this Teasing / Jerk off Instruction series is going look under day 1.

Hello wanker,
your big day! If you've made it this far, you're infinitely brain-fucked and no longer master of your senses and you cock. You can only think of me and cumming hard for me.
The last 4 days were extreme for you, assignments were made, mastrubation instructions given, skin shown, you suffered pain, you were teased and then you were not allowed to cum.
I'm almost inclined to say you really deserve this hot orgasm, wanker.

Well. But, today's session has not started yet. Fact is you can look forward to cum and after these last days, it will not be a simple: Now cum for me. I'll pack it in a wonderful mastrubation instruction and for this you need:
Oil, a string, clamp and a small glass for your sperm.

Let's play!

If you do not know what this Teasing / Jerk Off Instruction series is going on under day 1.

Hello wanker,
Of course you are also present on day 4. Sure, because you want to cum.
Do your balls now hurt from the many jerking? You did well yesterday, a few times before, but you made it.
Are you curious how it continues today? Of course you are.
Unlike yesterday, I'm going to add a little more pain to you today. And you'll like them, they'll make you even hornier and increase your pleasure by 100%.

For that you need:
A string to tie up your balls, a ruler, nipple braces