After this fuck my tits were sore from the hard blows and fingernails that have drilled through the hard grip into my skin. Every thrust was so hard and horny that my eyes twisted. I wanted to scream but could not by the hard shocks and when the whole sperm shot into me and then ran out of me, I was paralyzed. Through the tape spreitzte my ass, the tail went all the way into me. I do not know if I can top that and will probably need something to recover. Should I continue?

When I come I just have to let all the energy out of me and that usually happens by moaning but since it was late at night I had to be quiet and then tears came to my eyes! That was an indescribably blatant feeling as my pussy was pumped with hard jerks and a fat load of cum. In the end, I was even allowed to lick up the sour cream from the ground: P

If you ever wondered what your fingers look like when you play around on my cunt for an hour, the answer is as if you've been bathing too long: P So much for the beginning of the video. I can barely remember what happened then my clit was probably so sensitive that I had the slightest touch orgasm contractions and well, the rest is difficult to describe yourself makes a picture;)