I had to work all day and totally forgot about food. God I was hungry, so I ordered a pizza on the fast which took a whacked hour until she was with me. Then the supplier finally stood in front of my door and I was looking for cash in my purse, in vain .. Fuck what now? My stomach growled, I could not just send him away with my hot pizza !! Well, we have found a solution and I'm sure the messenger is coming more often, but pizza is always or right? ; D

I was already awake earlier today than he! I had to process my wet dream before the day began, so I relaxed a few minutes on the balcony, immersed in my head cinema. As if he had known what I'm thinking, he suddenly stands outside with me, dressed only in boxer shorts .. Since I immediately thought: A small fuck on the balcony can not hurt it?

I love to make men crazy with my body! I was already mega wuschig the whole day so my lover was surprised by me .. I could not wait to feel the long beating finally in my pussy! You should have seen his eyes when he saw me in this hot outfit .. But now, just among us, could you resist the nylon catsuit and boots in that envelope?