Dear ones, thank you very much first! You have given me soooo much courage and you give me the feeling every day that I can do anything. I never thought that I could really experience this at my own pace as I feel comfortable, but almost all of you are so incredibly understanding and that makes me so happy. Of course, there are always people who don't like this, but I hope I just won't buy my videos and won't write bad news to me anymore, that would be great. I wanted to go one step further today. My heart is beating incredibly fast as I sit here and slowly open one button of my blouse after the other. I briefly change my mind, because I want to put my blouse back on and cancel the whole thing. Then slowly let it slide off my shoulders. No handful of people in my bra have ever seen me in my bra, but I'm only doing it for you today!

Huhu dear ones! I made you wait a long time now, I just didn't know what I wanted to show you next ... But then you even helped me out of trouble, and made a wish: You really wanted to see my legs ! And because I just don't want to deny you a wish, I actually dared - it feels strange to show his legs like this, but I hope you like it anyway. ^^ Of course I didn't know what to say, and after the last video I was kind of scared all the time, that someone might come in. But honestly, it was pretty exciting and even if I could a bit stupid instead, it was really fun to film that for you. :)

Hallooo, my name is Lina, I'm 18 years old and this is my very first video on a porn site. I think that's the first video that I make of myself. I flew out of home a year ago and temporarily stayed with a friend and his family. They're just shopping for Christmas presents. I now use the favor of the hour and try my first video. It's all new to me. I'm sexually inexperienced. The step to upload a video here is really huge for me! But feel free to tell me how you find it. I would be very happy :) Your Lina

I'm still shaking a little bit, I'm totally embarrassed. I was in a bit of an emergency right now. How do I start best? It's all so new for ... I don't dare much yet, but I wanted to show something that is really super private for me and somehow very intimate. Please don't laugh ... I made a video where I dance ... I'm sure you're used to very different things here, but for me that's something very special. I wasn't allowed to do that before, especially not in this dress. gave me a friend from school, my only friend from "outside". I've never danced in front of people, only secretly for myself. When my porters have just slipped down, there is a sudden knock! I live here with a friend's family and his mother always comes straight in. Rightly she asked me why I wear such a dress in winter and what I do at all? I stammered about "trying on" and "new dress" and hope she didn't notice anything. I was so scared!