Today, the parcel delivery service has carried my delivery to my apartment! Such a strong man can not resist a tender young thing like me, I thought to myself. I shamelessly exploited this situation for myself. I lie down on my new carpet and pull up my shirt a little, to the question: "Do you have an idea what we can make beautiful on this?" He had directly the right answer ready, hihi. That was a great experience!

It was the days soooo warm, there was no thought of sex! The sex withdrawal, however, I got very quickly felt. Now I could not stand it any longer! Today he has to take over the work! He has to fuck me right. Oh that was necessary again, we had a lot of fun. Although it has become a short number, but she was the hornier. I do not know that at all! Usually I'm totally shy, but the sex withdrawal has made me totally wild and raunchy * laugh * quite funny somehow.

What a nice start to the weekend. I met a nice boy and we had a really nice day. It ends, of course, with what it always ends - SEX. I'm totally excited every time, will he like my body? Do I like him? It is always a totally exciting and great experience. We had a really hot ride, though short! Could that be up to me? He has ever rewarded me with the heaviest charge! Where did he get all the cum from her * laughing * kussi Lina

I have ordered a few chairs online and these were kindly carried by a furniture supplier to the apartment today. He was really nice and his strong arms have already made me a little horny. Usually I do so reward friendly gestures with a little attention, but unfortunately I had nothing with me, I thought that I can make the dear furniture suppliers otherwise enjoyable, hihi. I took all my courage together and undressed in front of him. One thing I can say: then it was just awesome!

Since the real estate agent could not resist, hehe! As we all know, the housing market is pretty tough, so I had to help a bit to get an apartment! The apartment is just a dream, it is my absolute dream apartment and cheap! I know that the real estate marketer does not prefer me as a new tenant, but I still have an ace up my sleeve! If he promises me that I get the apartment he can fuck me and what shall I say * laugh * I got the apartment: P

Unfortunately, you do not really earn much as an apprentice, so I wanted to improve my "pocket money" a bit! Unfortunately, I was totally dizzy in the workshop as a car mechanic, but I want the job! Absolutely! How can I get the boss to hire me? Hm ... I think I have an idea ... BUT: What if I take my shirt off and he puts me out? What if he only uses me and then does not give me the job anyway. I gather my courage now and do it!

Me and my girlfriend came up with a funny idea. My girlfriend finds the neighbor boy very attractive, but he is totally shy and jammed and all overtures have gone so far gone wrong with her. The bet was me: I get the jammed neighbor boy rum around she has to pay our next vacation together. When I had him in front of me I knew what my girlfriend meant, he dares nothing, he could not even look me in the face! How and if I won the bet here in this clip :)

It was also a really stupid idea when I think about it. My stepfather visited me this weekend to see how I live. I have him offers to sleep in bed with me, because he has such problems with his back. My stepfather has always been a "geiler-buck" for his age, but I thought he could at least keep his hands off me. Oh, what made me do what I did, I still do not know yet? Am I a bad person now because I did that? He is married after all. Kissy Lina

Furniture packers fuck well! I learned that today. Because of my education I do not have the time to pack my furniture myself, so I organized a furniture packer. This was annoying when packing all the time, because I have so much small stuff what needs to be packed. I've just given him a task because he just grabs me, the blood shoots through my whole body and my pulse rises. His strong arms and his Dominate art makes me anyway cool and I let myself on him ...... just great