Eins muss man den beiden Kerlen lassen. Sie waren echt hartnäckig um rauszufinden, in welchem Hotel in Berlin ich eingecheckt habe. Autogramme wollten die beiden haben, jedoch waras nicht alles. Als sie einmal im Zimmer standen, konnten die beiden meinem heißen Fötzen nicht widerstehen und bohrten so lange an mir rum bis ich dann doch vor Dauergeilheit mit den beiden fickte. Bist du auch so ein hartnäckiger Fan? ;-)

Oh man. Ironically now the fucking cart has to break. The crap always has to happen to me. But at least you can rely on the breakdown service. He was quick and very helpful. If 2 men try so hard, then you should give something back, right? No sooner did it last a long time and I gave them both their reward for such a great help. I found it cool ;-)

Jedes mal das selbe wenn ich am Eingang unseres Clubs steht. Mindestens einmal kommen Kerle an und fragen mich ob sie mich direkt ficken können. Eigentlich nervt mich sowas immer total an, aber diesmal waren die beiden Typen echt rattenscharf und ich auch sehr geil auf Schwänze. Das heißt, die beiden Kerle hatten mich im richtigen Moment erwischt. Und was soll ich sagen? Sie fickten micht quasi kaputt und spritzten mich an was aus den Schwänzen raus kam. Glaubst du nicht? Schau es dir an!

Saune is already really cool. For one thing, it makes me really wuschig when guys look at me and know they can not get ran and on the other hand, I can sometimes watch the tails there. Today, exactly the right guy in the locker room surprised me. Of course, I adorned myself a little bit to him not to disclose my lust directly. But then it went all the more to the point. Hammerhart I say there only and with a lot of cream!

Just before a party and the shit totally overpriced grill is not working again! Something really brings me to a boil. Only good that always come at the repair service particularly horny craftsmen, which you can take to fuck sometimes. Today even the boss himself came in and his big cock interested me more than the grill works again. In the end I had both. Grill with function and sex with the boss. Now, the guy has really shot me his sperm in my pussy. I really hope that I will not get pregnant now ...

When it was so hot the days, I made myself really rough on the balcony. My dildo flutscht like by itself in my pussy, so hot and wet I was. Unfortunately, I was probably so loud when groaning that my neighbor became aware of it and approached me this morning in the staircase and told me how hot he finds me. Unfortunately, it was not a horny pig, otherwise I would have eaten it directly. ;-)

The guy is really a hard nut. As long as I have not used at any time to bring him to stek his cock in my Fickmaul and then durchzuficken my pussy times right. But of course, as you know me, I do not give up and have lured him to me with a little trick and then used the situation very quickly for me. I can say so much, it was a very lively affair. ;-)

My lover and I wanted to let the pig out yesterday afternoon in the swingers club again. My pussy glowed with lust again and needed more than a tail. Unfortunately, there was hardly anything going on in the store in the afternoon, so we had to encourage the bartender to unpack his cock and fuck me. Thank god, then came another fucker, so I was allowed to have a cock in every hole at least ...