I finally have a few hours alone to do my sport. I'm just stretching and know that I have enough time left for my other exercises. My thoughts circle through my head, but until my stepbrother comes home it will take a bit of my time sense. So I immerse myself in my sports exercises. In between, I briefly thought to have heard the key in the castle ... but I rejected this idea as quickly as he had come. I was shocked. All at once I feel a hand. I turn around in surprise and notice that my stepbrother is home earlier. But the frightening thing about the whole thing is to suddenly see him behind me without clothes. I'm a little unclear what to do first, but then I agreed.

Today I want to study for a physiotherapy exam. The tensions of my stepbrother came just right. I thought I could help Him and at the same time practice Him for the exam. Of course, I did not know before that he had quite different where he had tension. He showed it to me in a special way. I knew what was going on in his head, it would end like the last time. I'm pretty nervous, but that thought totally turned me on and I agreed.

I'm home alone for a couple of hours, sitting in my room. The music is running, I know that I have at least 2 more hours left to do whatever I want to do. The thoughts rush through my head and I wonder if I really should do it. So far you have not seen anything from me, but I might want to change that now. I think I heard the key in the lock ... I am so nervous and close off as a precaution. I make the music a bit louder, lie down on the floor and get out the camera that I borrowed from my best friend and turn it on ... I'm a bit hesitant what to do first and start slowly to move until I unbutton my blouse. This is so exciting, I just hope nobody comes home earlier!