Hey, I went to the store today and bought an extra big banana ;-). I then sat down next to my school, opened the banana and sucked it slowly and with relish. Fits a lot in my little mouth. I look you deep in the eye and imagine that this is your best piece. Hmmmmmm the banana tastes so good. I look deep into your eyes with my hazel eyes and enjoy every inch of the delicious banana. Do you enjoy it too?

I just love to suck on things. Much better, of course, on your best piece lol xD And I like to show and like to suck, I thought to myself, I go to the city center and get me something to suck for you. There was so much going on in the city, so many people, I did not expect that. But it is cool! I was very excited when I ordered this thick club to suck, the more fun it has to suck it in front of everyone for you. I wish you a lot of fun with my new video and leave me a comment if you liked it :)