Oh damn! You can´t just come in the door without knocking! It is so embarrassing for me ... all day long I was already horny and have just stumbled over one of my own porn. I am sure that you can understand that I have to jerk off, right? But that has to stay with us, a secret. And we will NEVER talk about it again! Promise me that!

That your puny 8cm are useless, we both know. And yet you want to serve me as a toy? Then we start today with your training as a sissy whore. Lesson 1: blow cocks. Have you never done this before? Perfect! So open your greedy sissy gull quite far and inside with the cock. So you get know how semen taste like, you'll swallow your own cumshot. All of it. Also the last droplet.

After the holiday in the company, there's nothing going on. Absolutely nothing. Pure boredom. Because you can only come up with crazy ideas. Don´t think that I have not noticed your looks on my sneakers already long ago. I suggest you something: I can measure your cock and you smell my sneaker-nylon-scent-feet. Deal?!

Somehow I can already understand him. My black patent leather boots look damn delicious, shine enticing and also seem to taste very good. But he really just wants to fuck me because of that? Are the heels the only reason? My suspicion seems to be confirmed as he cums two times in quick succession on the boots ...