I was invited on a birthday and we got so much to drink there that I suddenly had to pee urgently. I could not have waited a minute longer, otherwise I would have peed in hihi. It was just stupid, that there was only one toilet and it was still occupied. Of course, had to come so. Even after calling and knocking, there was no reaction. Okay, then a solution must be found quickly, otherwise the pants will get wet. So I run out quickly, squat down and just let it run. At last this pressure is gone, which is a relief .. :)

Oh, I did not expect that. Public in the parking garage I just wanted to go to my car. But I could not stand it anymore in the stairwell. I ran the piss already down the leg and then what a violently horny beam you come to meet the stairs: -O the beam is hard to beat in horniness :) I'd almost say - so horny pissing No: D and me something like that pretty cool you look at my creamy pussy cream.

Oh, this is romantic again - everyone is in the arms and these great lights. Since you realize that it is Christmas again. For me just just so extremely pushes the bubble. Let's take a look at this marquee and see what kind of performance this is. Really cozy here - even these great comfortable fabric sofas everywhere. How long is this performance here ..... me so squeezes the Pissblase: O if I can do it to the toilet?

I drive in the car and have to pee very urgently. At the next opportunity, I stop and get out. Do you like the sight with tight jeans and high black boots? Mmmmhh, look how sexy I'm walking down the street ... Now I really feel like letting my warm juice run. Public, right on the street. OMG it is so much, it flows and flows and does not stop anymore. My jeans turns dark from the pee, it all runs in my sexy boots. Everything is completely soaked, that feels so cool and it looks great, too, or do not you think? I do not wear panties under my jeans. Would you like to pull my jeans down and fuck me behind the next tree ...?

My sweetie, today I have a particularly perverted horny pissload for you. Oh yes, jerk your cock and listen to my dirty words. My pussy horny you so much and you can not wait until I pee on it. Yeah, open your mouth and enjoy my hard mega piss beam. I piss you in the middle of your face and enjoy it when you swallow everything. And when you're done, you jerk off your cock and spray me full.

But someone was scared when I got lost in the toilet. I do not care. I have to pee violently. But I'm not sitting on such a dirty toilet. I can piss in the seat otherwise. Wow what is that horny wide Pissstrahl because of the toilet bowl is let go. That can only pleases each Sitzpisser; P