I just moved, ran the whole day through the city, you know what it's like, changing the registration, etc. ... Quite stressful. It can happen that shaving is a little short. Yes, I'm not talking about my usual partial shave. I didn't shave EVER, for a few days…. ^^ I had to go to the toilet so badly that I didn't want to keep it from you ... I'm curious how you like it all! champagne

I bought a light pair of jeans ... I found them so sexy on me! And when I was wearing my pants last night, I thought to myself, PISS-PISST looks awesome, right? Boar, hammer! How I fully measured my jeans. Doesn't it look totally awesome? .. And last but not least, I suck the cameraman hard his cock so that he can spray on my wet pissed pants!

OMG - caught pissing on :-D that hasn't happened to me yet either :-D but I'll tell you how it started :) With my hot pissed jeans I was on my way home from the bridge. Soaked wet as I was on the road it didn't take long for my bladder to press again. So a short stop and I let it run cool again in the soaked piss jeans :) wow it is a cool feeling to get the cold jeans warm again :) it is so cold outside that it starts to steam all around me again :) well do you want again - come and sow me the hot jeans ass bobo again really full. Piss until the jeans shine. So I like it - but fuck - there is a group of 4 people :-D they fully saw what we did. :-D OMG how awesome is that - quickly get out of here :-P because of the excitement I can piss again smoothly - wet like awesome I am wet. :) pissed

The filthy swine did not deserve it otherwise. Anal, piss and cum horny... a slut as I like her. Usable in all holes. An awesome game that gets under your skin, with plenty of piss and sperm. Pervert was yesterday, now it's off right. Dominant and submissive, with a filthy slutty, that is extremely perverted, but pure lust for extravagant dirty fun. Exactly no thing, I am known for that. I love to live out my crazy fantasies and to bring you with such shots to burst your cock.

First a horny fucking, then sperm without end and an incredibly dirty piss bang in the mouth until I was completely soaked, including latex pants and shirt, and then made my 1st PISSWALK. I was in a bar and met 2 guys there. When we talked I was pretty horny for the tails. One grabbed my latex ass all the time and I grabbed the other between my legs. Why go home when you can just fuck at the bar counter or? And as more bar guests came in, it was really messed up. Because the men also unpacked their tails and I just sucked the beating. When I sat on the floor fully waxed, it became violently perverse. They just pissed off, mega piss explosion in my mouth and over my body. And then I went completely pissed to the bus stop !!! Do you ever come to the bar? Sex

MEGA Fuck! What an extremely dirty use! I was once again handcuffed and gagged by a guy. When I called for help, my stepbrother suddenly came to visit over the holidays. OMG and the sow shamelessly exploited the situation and rammed my cock so hard into my mouth and then spanked my ass, spat and insulted me as a little dirty cunt and fucked my holes raw. And when I then had to wank his fat cock and he gave me a real cum shower in the fuck face, I also had to swallow the cum from the floor! And then I got it really dirty, a really dirty piss load in my mouth and over my body. Would you have used the situation so shamelessly?