Mira Gray and I are once again completely crazy and bock on thrills haha ??We have discovered in the hardware store ne toilet bowl, which you can also roll back and forth as you want, well and had to pee again like the mares ... .. It was dangerous, but in the end it was a huge success for both of us with a lot of fun See for yourself I hope you like it so much like us We love public and thrills: p

Mira Gray and I were on the road to catch some horny Stecher for a gangbang and after a few drinks we had to piss pretty doll. Unfortunately, we were at the station and noticed that only then. Thus, I pissed on the stairs from the top and it was so wet afterwards. I could not stop it and it just shot out of me like a huge piss-fountain. Since I was leaning backwards and held the cunt forward it was a really wet - happy Seich catapult. The tails we have also found but to another time more !!!!! So here with the pee slaves

I came from the sport today and needed so much on the toilet that I could not stand it anymore. I had 2 options: 1. pee in the pants or 2. on the road ships. I think you already know what I chose as an option? Of course, I just let it run on the street! I do not want to reveal too much but there is the result in the end to see. You will be amazed what I conjured !!!

Downhill piss competition at the parking garage with Mira Gray Mira was shopping with me and the sport and were still on the way and had to pee, of course, as usual, and of course, as promised, the first small PISS competition video of us, we were very curious who cares better of us both. We definitely had a lot of fun again, it was also right on the departure of the parking garage from the shopping center: p actually quite dangerous too, not only because of spectators but also because of motorists, but we just wanted to try it downhill, forgot it but I have a little something while peeing ...... .picially, what? See for yourself: p you will not guess anyway !!!!!!! I have even outsmarted the Gulli in the way ... have a lot of new ideas and are looking forward to the new PIPI projects ... ..

One evening I went spontaneously on the way to a party. On the way it was of course: "up the cups!" Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Berlin I had to go! We ran a bit because I thought I hold it, but then the pressure got bigger and bigger and I just had to pee! I just let it go then. It was a huge puddle, unbelievable !! I pissed the half zebra crossing full: I had to show you. and that in the middle of the road at the zebra crossing ....

I'm very much on thrill, especially on dangerous situations, where you can get caught, in things that are not "normal" for the "society". When I was on holiday last week on the Baltic Sea, I thought to myself, well, all pee in the sea, not me! I just pee on the beach ... .. between the people, all suns ....

Yesterday I was full of desire for a tail and had an appointment with a user. So I went with my completely soaked panties on the. What a world trip and all for a fuck. What you do not do everything if you love the fucking. When I finally got there, I ran into a maze of houses and rang the bell. Unfortunately, that was the absolutely wrong door and the sexy guy who had opened up, was very pissig because he just slept. Well, since I was more than angegeilt anyway I sucked his cock and let me durchfickten nice. Finally, there was a huge load full in the Fickfresse. GEillll

At the weekend of Pentecost, I was at the Carnival of Cultures. Since I have just looked easy too deep into the glass. What does that mean for me? Right, an incredibly full bubble. At Pentecost I just let it run on the street party. That's the best feeling when you have to and you can just let go. Then I just conjured up a giant piss lake there.

I pull out every day my tight sports program and constantly I see these horny guy in the studio. He always turns me on so much that I can not concentrate on my sport at all. So I shadowed him a bit and a little later I had it in my pocket! And nothing to you nothing we would be on the Herrenklo. There I have blown him pretty hard and let me fuck him from mastiff. He has beautifully distributed his very protein-containing cocktail on my sport ass was cool! I love cock in between and if a plan works hehe !!!!