It was SOOOOOO exciting! My first professional shoot for a TV format! There are so many people in my apartment, I'm not used to that! Usually I'm alone with my filming partner, but this time a bunch of people are in attendance! My agency and then also the television team. Phew, I do not know if I can do that ... I make it clear that I do not want to be filmed while shooting another camera. The team insists on being there to make the TV format more interesting. Well, you probably have never seen anything like it and you really want to be part of a shoot. Is viewed from the outside, yes, certainly exciting. All right then. We set up the set, all eyes + camera are pointed at me and my roommate starts the camera while I kneel on the ground and get ready .....

I stand dreamily at the open window and listen to the birds chirping. It was really bad weather for a long time now! Finally it is beautiful again outside, that awakens true spring feelings! How nice it would be to fuck now: p Fortunately, my roommate comes again at exactly the right moment. Controlled by my feelings of happiness, I make him an offer that he can not refuse. This time it was already the prehistory ...: p

I have a date tomorrow and call him. I'm very excited, but I do not want to rush at the first meeting. In order for me to endure that, I have to do it myself first. Luckily I have my great glass dildo. If I imagine it's a dick, I can not stop laughing at it. I love it when I get it myself with the part. The hottest makes me the idea of how you watch me and join in until we both come together.

I've never felt so dirty !!! I want to pick up my girlfriends from the party. I parked my car in some underground car park. So I make my way to the car and then want to collect them and drive home. Of all things happening to me today, something that has never really happened to me before: I lose my parking ticket! That can only happen to me! Desperate, I stand in the garage and consider how I get out of here. I notice, as someone from the side watching me on the phone. That he offers me his help, surprises me. Apparently there are still nice people! I just have to go to his room, then he helps me out of the garage. So at least the plan was ... In the room, he then wants me to open my jacket. OK. Can he even stare briefly. That's not enough for this asshole. He uses my helplessness shamelessly and I give him everything I can to get out of this situation. What should I have to do to help me?

I have promised you and today I make it true. You come to me and I'm waiting for you in sexy red lace underwear, which covers just the bare essentials. I'm starting to knead my sexy new tits that I've wanted for so long. You are the pants too tight, but you get in. Emotionally you also knead it. We are both getting hornier each other. I can not wait to finally get fucked by you. What are you waiting for my sweetheart? Bring my tits to shake and spray me full!

Who celebrates a housewarming party for his new tits ??? Fiona: D I'm overjoyed that I have fulfilled this long-standing dream and finally feel really comfortable in my body. On this occasion, I invited a few people to the WG Party. The last preparations have been made. Nevertheless, I feel that something is missing. That reminds me! The potato salad! My roommate the hero has actually forgotten to pick him up. His excuse for it is ridiculous ... I am furious and have no desire for the party. Luckily, I've known myself for a few years now and know how to ALWAYS distract myself, no matter what the situation. I show my roommate that I do not wear panties and ask him to act as a distraction. All I can think of is how deep he is in me. In the end he consecrates my tits. The potato salad is thus forgotten: p

I have been here for a few months now and look back on many beautiful moments with you. Thank you for taking me so well in this community and for the many sweet words every day. It's really fun to write with you and spend time in the cam. To summarize the past year, I have cut together an annual review that captures my most thrilling moments. I hope you enjoy it! Can not wait to make new videos again. Of course I am always happy about your ideas and your feedback. Have a nice year, your Fiona :)

I've been taking a shower for quite some time and shaved completely. My wet, smooth body cries to be touched. Unfortunately I am alone at home ... Then I have to help myself. I lather up and my hands slide over my body. I knead my breasts and my hands go deeper. Since I have the idea to take the shower spray in the hand. I have not done that for a while. Hmmm, that feels even better than I remembered. I let my clitoris massage really nice from the water jet. She swells so much that I have an incredibly hot shivering orgasm. Would you take a shower with me or watch me? ????

It's sugar again! : p I'm really in the Christmas spirit. Today I was traveling for hours to get the last Christmas presents and could not wait to get home. There is a pre-Christmas gift waiting for me: my favorite little sex toy! Already on the way home, I imagine how I care for my own relaxation. At the thought I feel like more and hope that my roommate is at home. I am lucky! Arrived in the shared flat, we already fall over each other and there is no time to unpack my camera. So the cell phone camera has to hold on, as we do it in different positions and my body is nicely decorated with sugar icing ... Merry Christmas my foxes: *

My roommate is so engrossed in his book that he does not notice me crawling naked under his blanket. Let's see how long he can concentrate on his book once I get started. He seems to like it because he presses my head deeper. He quickly put the book aside as well. It does not take long until he completely wants me. We had sex with each other many times already, but this time it's especially intense. He brings me to screaming and finally to orgasm. Almost at the same time he comes and leaves me a creamy surprise.