A friend from the university has a pretty big mouth. He told me that no woman has yet managed to juicify him within 5 minutes. Since I can only turn my eyes and invite him to my home. Today is the day when I take the challenge. I only expect him in panties, so he ever loses his mind when I get in. When he lies in front of me and I work on his cock, I first realize how big the flap of this macho really is. I have to stop in between, so he does not spray immediately. I'm really against the grain, he should inject when I want it. Because he can not take it anymore, I deliver it and get all his cream after less than 5 minutes. That's what I call a quick-fire alarm ... He will not dare to open his mouth again that fast. ????

That ass! I never thought he was doing this to me. My roommate laid a "girlfriend" of mine when she was waiting for us in our apartment. How can you be so ruthless ??? She does not surprise me, but I would not have believed him that. I will not let it sit on me and pay him home. Today his best friend is visiting. I have arranged for my roommate to be stopped at the university and at the same time welcome his best friend. I lure him into the room with my roommate. The bag had ever asked me if he can even turn with me. Well, he can have! We film everything beautifully and I look forward to a branch as I send it to my roommate. I would like to see his stupid face now!

I'm in the gym and doing my exercises diligently. For a long time I have been watching from the hot coach. I want to impress him with a headstand - which even works! I would not have thought that he was going to grab it right away ... But I will not let myself get out of balance. Next, I do squats, because I have often seen him looking at the girls on the butt. But I want him to look at MYY! So I pull down the leggings very cheeky and keep going. Now I have it! I lure him to the sunbed, where not everyone sees us. It's so exciting, because at any time someone could come in who really wants to go to the sunbed. Here I experience a very special personal training and even cream off a protein shake: p

I'm shooting my solo video and I've come very cool. Once again my roommate bursts in. Always admirable, as he has it with the timing on it. Not only good for him, because I'm still in the mood and would have continued anyway. Fueled by myself, I enjoy his look on me. He can not wait (da) to hit it. So I deliver him and give him entry. My feelings explode and I can hardly stand to stop. Sex on a bench really has something. Maybe I should do it again outside;)

While I enjoy sucking my lollipop, I try to focus on learning. Unfortunately that does not work so well. I can not stop imagining that I'm currently sucking something else. The thought gets me going in such a way that I have to put it in me. I lick it off again. Hmmmmm ... so lucky that I have a nice new toy. Do you want to play with me? In the end there's also a countdown for both of us;)

When it gets colder outside, only showering hot helps! I enjoy the hot relaxation and lather up really nice. There is a knock on the door, but now is Fiona time and I only respond with a clear "NO". A bit of privacy you may have in a shared flat. Deep in thought, I continue to shower. Only when I'm done and take my towel, I notice that my roommate the tensioner observed me. How long has he been there? Also, no matter, now he knows me naked so well. I'm clearing the way for him because he apparently wants to take a shower too. He does not let me pass and just rips my towel away! Well, then I'll just take a shower again! Even if I'm eingesaut again afterwards ????

I am always brazen in the WG. Today I just allowed myself to cams in my roommate's room because the internet is just better there. Of course, I hope to be caught red-handed, because I'm pretty horny. Luckily he comes in after a while. I like to let him watch me as I straighten up on his bed. I love to see how cool it makes him and increase my own desire for him. I undress and give myself to him. He gives me exactly what I need right now.

There is a subject in my studies that I have a hard time with. So a while ago, I came up with the idea to try tutoring. Since then learning is even fun, because my tutor is pretty cute. Today it is time again and I am glad that he is coming. First everything is going great and we are learning hard, but gradually I realize how I can not concentrate anymore. This has happened to me more often in his presence now ... Especially it is especially bad and I can no longer think straight. I beg him if we can not do something else. He does not look disinclined and his gaze tells me to undress. I fulfill this wish. What I get from him, are new food for thought ...

My roommate secretly filmed me is quickly forgiven. I tell him quite excited and proud of my latest achievement: a new kitchen table for our WG. I tell him that I do not get him alone in the kitchen and actually expect his support in carrying. Instead, he pushes me down on the table. This time it is he who begins to take off my clothes. When I look at him I know that now the table is inaugurated ...