Ohlala Hammer hard! That was a hefty number. I got lost in the car and someone came running up to me: I'm not allowed to drive here anymore, he says. I ask him for directions and somehow he opens the belt of his pants. I should jerk off, he says, then he tells me piece by piece the way. Pretty brash but somehow also cool. While I wank his cock, he tells me where I have to go. But he really does not get to the point and now I'm supposed to blow too. Somehow I am delighted and shocked at the same time. He fucks me through the car window in the mouth, bad. But now comes the hammer. He wants to spray me and I say OK. Had I known that before ... he's hammering out the load of his life, just unbelievable. I have not seen anything like it. I look like a pig and the sperm runs down the car door, I'm speechless, such a mess! A yeasty experience. Did you ever happen something like that?

Now the cold season starts again and of course I get sick! Since I hate to go outside the temperatures, I ordered my doctor to go home to look at the problem more closely. First of all, on the forehead and cheeks, they feel hot, after that, fever fairs are of course a must! But apparently the thermometer broke down, so the doctor had to unpack the large emergency device to determine more accurately! In the end, the drug was given to me in the ass! The whole thing took a little longer, but at least he found out that I was sick and needed bed rest. What would I do without my doctor!

Oh man! Unexpected Ficks are really the strongest! And that it makes me so horny, I would never have thought! Living in a shared flat with a single bathroom is not necessarily the easiest, especially if the male part sits on the toilet forever. I had to pee so hard that I thought I was bursting the bubble. But the guy just did not want to go away and asked me formally that I should just pee in the jeans. I thought that it disgusts him so much that he just goes, but no, it made him so horny that his cock was directly knuppelhart and he had to fuck me, pretty deep into my vollgepisstes pussy. And all of a sudden, I also really liked it. Really surprising if you always discover something cool new for yourself.

Some of you know that I was on the Reeperbahn weekend to party. I'm not there often, but when I'm there, I have to go shopping! This time I finally dared to buy me a pussy pump. Today then finally tried: A few times scheduled, pumped again and then the whole time for half an hour to "pull" ...? What came out? -> A huge, juicy, swollen meat, from the sperm at the end of Clips unhindered running out.

Whether that gives problems? Well, that will only come out in hindsight. Anyway, I arrived at the hotel and they really had a problem with the toilet. But I did not have enough time to wait for the repairs or to go back to the ground floor by elevator. Praktischwerweise is in the middle of the room a kitchen ... hm I have an idea. It would not be the first time I lie down a toilet of a different kind. The structure is so wonderful to kneel over it and clean piss. Too embarrassing if now an employee comes into the room now. As always, I risk it anyway, because I would not want to deprive you of the free view of my pissing pussy!

You like the sexy feeling of latex on your hard cock? Perfect - because I love to treat thick cocks with my latex hands! Seeing of how I put on the latex gloves and how I pose in my skintight wetlook leggings for you makes you already horny! So just lie down with me and let me please you! With nice slippery latex hands and a firm grip I treat your cock well! Soon, your full balls will no longer be able to hold back the sauce and I pump you dry!

This time I wanted to know! I really want to get pregnant! So I let the whole horny cum sprayed deep in my little hole! Not just once, no that would not be enough! I'm pushing mud! Oh God that was cool !! I have not been so dripping wet for a long time !! At the thought of it, I'll be quite wet again ... would you have managed to top off several times ??