Lena, a friend of mine getting married, I could never really hurt her anyway. Check old! Since you trusted me, however, the groom could get ready for me after all, he must not see the bride before the wedding! Notgeil as I am just again I tell him of a very specific custom. Supposedly it is so that the groom before the wedding, of course, must be tested for its qualities! Finally, Lena is still a virgin and should get only the best .. The stupid piece falls fully on it and I fuck him unrestrained. Then he injected me his cream nice deep in the pussy !! Oh oh not that he got me pregnant haha ??What do you think I should break the bomb or hold my mouth nicely;)?

Today I got my new hot latex underwear and of course had to test it directly as it arrives. As always, it flatters my sexy body extreme and every cock is directly hard at this sight! So I'll take what I want, your hard Fickprügel! There is nothing better than to be fucked hard in the Mösch and thereby feel this unforgettable feeling of tight latex on the skin ... mmmmmh that you are guaranteed to see exactly how I or? ;)

My slave has been mine for a very long time, but he has never had the pleasure of fucking a cunt. Since he is there as ordered and not picked up and waiting for me. With such a submissive rubber bastard I can start a lot. I test him and his tongue on the leak ability. This time I will milking his slave revenge right and he is educated to my fuck slaves. Because nobody else is interested in such a fat pig. But I have rarely seen such a submissive pipe as him. It will be downright miserable if he fucks me with his mini cock. After this action, you will first chaste held by me.

And once again I had invited a horny user to my home. As I said, I just can not get enough ... A very special date I can tell you;) That's never happened to me !!! It was an incredible experience and the guy would have just torn with lust;) Already mean what I've done so with him! His cock caught in no chance of a fat stand including cool Talk about his little wimp .... I had my fun and came fully at my expense and the pussy has just dripped so I can tell you :) It was absolutely amazing and I can tell you the user will probably never forget this date in his life hihi .. ,

During a longer drive, Lia and I took a short break at the rest area to stretch our legs a bit. But I also have to piss urgently animal, as Lia reveals to me how horny she is on my cunt champagne. She undresses immediately and willingly sets off and I quickly stripe down my leggings. Water march - a huge piss tsunami flows into Lias greedy swallowing mouth - right next to the highway where the first ones are starting to honk. What did the passing guys think when they saw us like this ...? Such a horny and refreshing piss break you would certainly like to do it?

After my kinky pee adventures I actually always think, it can not get any worse. But I was once again taught a better and in hindsight, I'm already a bit speechless about me, which I'm really messed up so uninhibited. It actually started quite "harmless" with a Jeanspiss, but the developed into an extreme piss-sour. I only say BAD PISS! The entire floor was flooded, my jeans soaking wet. And the mess went, after relish with cum load in my nasty swallowing mouth, even further! How screwed up was that, you only believe it when you see it yourself! How did you like my new perverted pissing experience?

That's what I call a fast and customer-oriented 5 star service! I have not even ordered and already get an aperitif served through the window, where Apertif is a bit understated - that was a real jumbo piss cocktail, served as a direct bottling from the piss-tap, from the parking lot directly into my mouth and swallow my tits. Ok, the car and my dress have gotten a bit too: D

Yes! You read that right! While running! Do you know that feeling? You are fit, in a good mood, the sun is shining .. you are sweating ... and you are .... GEIL? And during the running training? Today I could not stand it home and, as sweaty as I am, I was perched right behind a tree on the forest path and worried about myself. Of course, my eyes always go to the left and right to see if anyone comes along the way. The idea of ??being caught and being watched is so exciting for me that I dare to do nasty things in public.