Today I once again wanted to try something. I play with his hard penis and then let him tie himself to a vibrator while i press my soft feet on his cock. And then, of course, he will not be able to do it anymore and try to shoot his load. Of course i pulled the plug of his vibrator. You can watch him in pain while the cum is just dripping out of his poor cock.... ohhhh. But that's the way it is, only ruined orgasms keep my subby always horny. In the end, I play with his super-sensitive cock until he begs me to stop.


The question is not so easy, right? - After all, there is actually no one you should worship more than me. But there is a bad offense to jerk off on the photo of your mistress, you will have to choose someone who you otherwise like quite well. Important: It must be a celebrity and he (or she) must be known, of course. I'm curious about your taste. That's how I playfully learn a little more about you. Of course that's not all, my slave. Your task includes a few small nasties that you will fulfill for me.

Finally its Friday. How much have you been waiting for this! Time for salvation? Well, yes. You can even be a real man! So - at least pretend: D. Curious? But this would not be a slave challenge, if not for a difficult task. How much will you have to overcome yourself? Will you be able to do it? Or will you little piglet even find it totally awesome? Yeah, you probably will. Anyway, who wants to be my slave, has to do EVERYTHING for me. Of course, there is also an instruction for the coming week, as well as the preparation for next week. Have fun: P.