Fucking for a little bit of luxury :O ! This hotel was the main spot for rich and elderly men - and as you know I’m a little money bitch ;) So I just had to get into bed with the next guy I could spot :P And I have to admit: I’ve never fucked in front of such an amazing view!! And you know how Sugar Daddys are: They like it young, rough, and bare!!

If that guy only knew that I’ve recorded him :O!!! My to just does not end :O! Not even in Shanghai where I just had to find to pleasure! Of course I take you with me on my fucktrip and recorded everything from the beginning till the end with a hidden camera ;)! From talking to on the street (OMG, I’m such a :O!) till he visits me in my hotel room and fucks the hell out of me - all recorded by a hidden camera *gg* - this was definitly worth all the !!

It seems that my was a bit to for most of the men !! I just wanted to go as a and - is it my fault that I therefor have to walk in with a mini string and a sexy bra ;)?! I knew I’ll catch the attention of all men with that outfit *gg* and it didn’t took too long until one offered me his nice „sweet“ ;) Of course I took it bare - because that’s the only way should be !!

I just wanted to meet up with a and have a nice - but this damn condom just broke again…!! But as horny as we were we of course didn’t stopped fucking - we didn’t realized that we were fucking :O !! Just until the cameraman said that the condom broke and that we’re we decided to first fuck like this as nice as it was!! Fuck the condom, I want it bareback!!! But I forgot to take my pill this day, so I’m not sure if I havn’t become by know :O!!!

OMG! After this the whole ship knew I’m the biggest on bord!! After I picked up that stranger on the public deck and him already once I just had to get another round! But this time in *gg* ;-)! It wasn’t to hard as he got horny quickly when I started to massage my ;-). Quickly taking his cock and let’s get the show started: and a nice so hard that I nearly flew off the ship :O!! But I don’t care the people on bord liked the show and I got all the yummy jizz I wanted - mhh!! Do you wanna be my next?