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Die Mosterfickmaschine..

Oh Wahnsinn!! Schon immer habe ich davon geträumt so ein geiles Gerät mal auszuprobieren und Bingo! Mein Wunsch ist in Erfüllung gegangen... Die Monsterfickmaschine hat zugeschlagen und mein gieriges Pussyloch beinahe zerfickt... Mit jedem Stoss ging die Vibration durch meinen ganzen Körper...
Mega geil und als Dank gab's noch einen Blowjob. So ein Gerät braucht schließlich auch Pflege ;)

FORETASTE FOR MYDIRTYPORNDATE 21 IN ROTH !!! Yes your love and that I organize with my girlfriend Crazy-Kate the mydirty-Porndate 21 in Roth is at 14:05:16 take place !! Since I was responsible for the presentation of the club, thought I I let you times a peek throw in, and of course could not miss the Rated and therefore I have tested the end even a rotary Room 18 area !! Have fun with it ;)

After Mandala visited me in Switzerland, I returned the favor me of course and was already a week later with him in West Germany (NRW) as a guest; o) I saw that he has a little BDSM playroom and there regularly plays with other women on his profile - I asked him to say whether he would find me to be appropriate for it, and he tried it unceremoniously out ...;) a perfect opportunity for me to live out with a big and thick cock my submissive streak and he was not only gentle to me; )