After all the unistress I wanted to enjoy a nice day on the Baltic Sea. As is sometimes the case in life, it was already over with the nice weather - but I will not spoil my mood. So I lie down relaxed on the beach, it was beautiful thank God anyway, but unfortunately I did not pay attention on the way to my place where the nearest toilet is. Of course I did not even notice that when I needed to go to the bathroom - and that was pretty urgent ...

We know each other forever and know everything from each other.The first love, the first sex - um, ok ... not everything! As we tick in bed so we both do not know and we had never seen each other before naked.So a few details we have then actually not shared with each other and there he was - completely naked with his horny Pracht.Was a horny cock and I come there only dressed in nylons, jeans shirt quickly thrown in purely. The effect on his cock was not to overlook and since we both did not have anything at the start, we could fuck each other or is not there or could break the friendship? And then he told me about his last OneNightStand and there it was for me that I was not wanted to talk about it, but wanted to experience his hard hot cock myself and that deep in my tight cunt.

Downhill piss competition at the parking garage with Mira Gray Mira was shopping with me and the sport and were still on the way and had to pee, of course, as usual, and of course, as promised, the first small PISS competition video of us, we were very curious who cares better of us both. We definitely had a lot of fun again, it was also right on the departure of the parking garage from the shopping center: p actually quite dangerous too, not only because of spectators but also because of motorists, but we just wanted to try it downhill, forgot it but I have a little something while peeing ...... .picially, what? See for yourself: p you will not guess anyway !!!!!!! I have even outsmarted the Gulli in the way ... have a lot of new ideas and are looking forward to the new PIPI projects ... ..

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Fuck was cool and very spontaneous ... I was on the way to my hotel that I had booked over the weekend to meet me again with a few nice users. In the shade it was on the day just felt 40 °! Suddenly there was a guy who did not look well! Nice as I am, of course, I offered him my help, because he did not even know where he was and where he lived! Since the guy I liked more and more, I did not call a doctor first and took him up and took care of him with a cold shower! You will not believe what I did with it !!! What a mess at the end - a blatant sperm whipper !!